Fortunately, [NBA] Hornets or the recent signing of Batum!

This season to join the Hornets, Nicolas Batum’s performance is very good, it is also his help, the Hornets finally able to enter the stage of the playoffs, although they in the tiebreak lost to the Miami Heat. The 27 year old French midfielder in the summer of this year, there will be a free agent, questions about his future will go, also caused the attention of the outside world. Recently according to the FIBA official website reported, this summer when open the door to a NBA free agent market, the Palestinian Maktoum is likely to reach paper agreement soon and the Hornets, because as soon as possible renewal means the Titans could represent the French men’s basketball team played this summer’s Olympic laxuansai, to attack the Olympics to Rio. The FIBA official website in a recent report, said: “can be understood, Batu mu in the summer will soon and Hornets reached a new agreement, which would give the French men’s basketball team enough time to for him to handle insurance and other related matters, so that the Palestinian Maktoum this summer to become a member of the French men’s basketball team, to campaign for the Olympic laxuansai.” Prior to Batum’s agent has hinted that, based on the future of the NBA in the future, Batum will not play for the national team this summer. But from the current situation that the latest situation, things are likely to usher in a turning point. Not long ago, the French team announced the Olympic laxuansai list of 17 people, including Batum’s name impressively. French men’s basketball team this summer in Manila division laxuansai, with rival groups in the Philippines and New Zealand. The Division also a group of the opponent is Canada, Senegal and Turkey. Batum since landing NBA, has been in the League for 8 seasons in the league, career field can hand over 11 NIKE FLYKNIT LUNAR 2 MENS SILVER WHITE GRAY RUNNING SHOES 7 points, 5.2 rebounds, 3.4 assists in the report card. In the last offseason, the Palestinian Maktoum by a deal has been a pioneer in the sent to the Hornets, in the Hornets the Feng Wei swingman condition is supernaturally brave. He has played 70 regular season games for the team this season, with 35 points, 6.1 rebounds and 5.8 assists in 14.9 minutes of playing time. Among them, scoring and assists for the career high, rebounds for career second high. Author: Mu Zili