[NBA] Hayward: I was scared silly by Kobe that night.

May 12th report: according to the Fawkes sports report, although the generation of super star Kobe has retired AIR JORDAN 5 GRAPE 2014 But his performance in the farewell war on his personal career has made a lot of people still remember. As the victim of the night, Sir Alex Hayward – Gordon, said in an interview, we really want to win this game, but everyone was Kobe’s performance scared silly. Even with the highest standards, Kobe’s personal career farewell battle is also called a perfect masterpiece. Under the leadership of Kobe, the Lakers in the fourth quarter played single section 35-21 score, in one fell swoop 101-96 counter attack won the victory in the match. Bryant 50 investment 22 (3 minutes of balls of 21 shots in 6), 12 free throw shooting 10, and cut down the 60 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists the perfect curtain call. At the last minute of the game, Kobe dominated the game. The last 59.7 seconds of the game, Kobe scored three points, the difference narrowed to 1 points. The last 31.6 seconds of the game, Kobe cast into the distance projection, the Lakers over the score. The last 14.8 seconds, Kobe two free throws, further helped the Lakers build. There is no doubt that the Utah Jazz has become the biggest victim of Kobe’s farewell battle. Jazz star Hayward in an interview to explain why this is the most unique game in the history of NBA. Hayward said: “we are trying to win this game, and we have maintained a lead. But to tell the truth, in the last minute of the game, Kobe’s performance really gave us a scare. Until the second half, we are still in the lead in most of the time the two digit score. At the end of three minutes, we still have a 10 point lead. But when Kobe started shooting, many of us were scared.” Hayward continued: “it feels like a wonderful shot, or a basketball game. It’s all too unrealistic, this guy shot 50 times and got 60 points. His aggression is different from the ordinary, he wanted to touch the ball every time he attacked, want to shoot, want to score. All along, he is a very aggressive player, but that night, he had a strong desire to attack. That’s your imagination even more difficult to defend. When he takes the ball, there will be. But he has no ball, he is also a huge check. I think we played very hard on that night, most of the time. In a lot of rounds, we all had to force him to take a strong shot at the end. But he’s Bryant Kobe!” Author: Hu Hu