U.S. media: [NBA] KD led five Miami one depends on the improvement of three points this summer?

June 8th reported: three points in the league today, the heat of the play is particularly out of touch with the times, they do not want to throw three pointers, but there is no such ability. 2015-2016 season, their three point hit rate of only 33.6%, ranking twenty-seventh in the league. In the three offseason ability to be strong and barren patch, so they should pursue what free players? Miami, the local media, the Palm Beach Post columnist Anthony – expensive wrote, lists the five heat should pursue free agents. 1, Durant – Kevin, striker this option is obvious, if the heat can introduce Durant, he will dramatically improve the heat attack. Durant, 27 years old, is still in the middle of the peak period, but also one of the league’s top scorer. He is 6 feet 9 inches tall, career three point ball hit rate reached 38%. In the past this season, he averaged 28.2 points, three point ball hit rate of 38.7%. But now a lot of people think that Durant will be with the thunder to sign a short about, in 2017 once again into the free agent market. 2, Ryan – Anderson, striker Miami had Anderson and preached, and the scandal, in July this year, Anderson will become a free agent, the heat seems to have become his ideal goal. He is 28 years old and is one of the best three points in the league. Over the past four years, his salary is between 8 million to 9 million. 3, Batum – Nicholas, the striker looks, Batum stay in the possibility of a larger wasp, because the wasp has stated that Batum will be their first choice in the free agent market this summer. But if Batum wants to leave, the heat would be a great place to go. He was 27 years old, his career three points hit rate of 36%. However, his contract price is certainly not cheap, especially in the case of the salary cap is about to rise this year. 4, Crawford – Jamal, the defender who is one of the league’s most knives in the striker, but if he found the state, it is very terrible. Although his career, although only three of the 34.9% hit rate, but he was made to build a “three plus one”. Chase Crawford There are both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that he does not have to occupy the starting position, but also may be cheaper than other players, but the downside is that he is already 36 years old, and how much energy is still unknown. Over the past four years, he’s paid between $5 million and $6 million NIKE NEW JORDANS 2015 WOMEN JORDAN 11 WHITE PINK COLORFUL PRINT 5, Dudley – Jared, the vanguard of this contract may not be the most gorgeous, but the same as effective. Last season, Dudley has evolved into one of the most reliable three point shooter, his three hit rate of up to 42%, the entire career also has three of the 39.9% points hit rate. Next season, he is about to turn 31 years old, so his contract should be the heat to be able to pay. Over the past five years, his salary is less than $5 million, the next season may be a little higher. Author: Small Red Army