[NBA] Walton: apprenticeship before to squeeze Cole

According to the San Jose Mercury newspaper reported, Luke Walton has identified took over the Los Angeles Lakers team head coach position, this season’s competition once it is over, he will go to the Lakers took office. At present, the Golden State Warriors also in the NBA Finals and Cleveland Cavaliers was raging, Walton hopes to take this opportunity to finally with coach cole to learn something. Although the Lakers will be the coach, but all of Walton’s energy into the finals to go: “this is the NBA finals ah. If you can’t keep your focus on the finals, then you’re not in the league. I keep a hundred percent attention to our work at present DISCOUNT NEW BALANCE 580 WOMEN LIGHT GREY This work is very fun, I have to work with our coaches and players together to win the championship.” Walton has been with Cole for two seasons. At the beginning, Walton was the team’s player development coach. With Gentry’s departure to the New Orleans pelicans team, Walton was promoted to assistant head coach. At the beginning of the season, Walton was getting more exercise. Coach Cole was absent because of physical reasons, a team coach Walton. In his 43 games in front of the game, Walton led the warriors scored 39 wins and 4 losses record, for the team to break the Chicago bulls of the regular season, the best record laid the foundation. Walton’s ability has been widely recognized by the league, a number of teams want to hire him as the main coach. Eventually he chose the Losangeles Lakers. And before heading to the Lakers, Walton wants to learn as much as possible about the knowledge of Cole. Walton said, “I want to take away all the knowledge he has. He is a great teacher, has opened up my field of vision for the game, let me know that there are so many ways to teach. As a student, you always want to learn as much knowledge as possible from the teacher. On my way to school, Cole was one of my teachers.” Coach Cole in the finals opener because the player is not satisfied with the performance and fell tactics board. So, Walton Cole also learned how to throw a tactical board this trick? Walton jokingly said: “I do not know whether they can be so tough.” Walton explained: “if the players don’t play in the right way, Cole will be frustrated. And with the accumulation of frustration, he finally broke out in the way of breaking the board. But I really admire his practice.” However, Walton also said that he rarely seen Cole so angry at the moment. Walton said: “as a coach, you need to be picky about everything. The advantage of this is that the players know that this is not an exercise, but from the bottom of my heart. When he did, the players knew they needed to play better.” Author: Hu Hu