[NBA]ESPN: Nicks should have broken up with Anthony.

The New York Knicks experience long Xuanshuai, ultimately determine the former Phoenix Suns coach hornacek as the team’s new coach. What kind of operation should be done by Hornacek in the Nicks era? Did they trade Anthony? ESPN five major experts around the relevant issues are discussed. 1, Nicks hired Hornacek as the new commander in chief, how do you see? Eyre Hassan Amin said that all people’s reaction is an unexpected surprise! Hornacek is definitely an excellent coach, but it was a surprise that Jackson was willing to hire “one of his own”. Hornacek is willing to continue to play the triangle offense tactics, or Jackson will allow him to use the triangle offense other than the other tactics? Pelton said, this is really a surprise. I would have predicted Nicks will continue to use Kurt, but they hired Hornacek. Adams said the problem will be a very big headache. On the one hand, it means that Jackson is willing to hire a coach who will not be a triangle offense, this may be a good omen. On the other hand, Hornacek did not lead the Suns team into the playoffs, he may not be able to meet the expectations of the fans of Nicks. Doolittle said, Hornacek is a different coach, I have no objection to his coaching. Webb said, Hornacek is a good three break up, he was the coach of the Suns three points is also relatively good, but Nicks’s three points can not be. 2, for the Nicks team in the offseason you suggest? Hassan Eyre said that Nicks is difficult to quickly solve the problem, they should take Pohl Zingis as the core of the establishment of the team. Adams said that in the future, the Nicks team to all with Pohl Zingis as the core, around him to build the team. Obviously, each team would like to get Durant, also including Nicks NIKE KEVIN DURANT 7 WOMEN BLUE WHITE RED NEW ARRIVAL But they should aim or like della Vedova conley. Doolittle said, apparently, their primary goal is certainly, Durant Conley and Horford like. If they do not succeed, they will throw money to some second tier players. My suggestion is that around the Bohr Tianjin Hodges slowly rebuilding. Webb said that Nicks has the market is willing to spend money, but they are difficult to attract big players. 3, Nicks and Anthony is the time to break up? Five experts agree that the two sides are indeed the time to break up. They believe that Anthony is still good enough, so it can be for the Nicks team in exchange for draft picks or some young players. Pelton said, from the point of view of Nicks, it is clear that the transaction should be. But Anthony had a good deal in New York, but he had a veto. Author: Hu Hu