[NBA] Zhou Qi back-to-back trial market rise

Zhang Qiang, May 21, the United States reported in just two days, Zhouqi in the east coast of the United States and southwest long-distance raid, back-to-back Ganchang to participate in the trial at Celtic and Grizzlies, hard journey, but Zhouqi fared well in the confrontation between the two teams of three showed their skills and defensive ability, especially his good long-range jumper did very well. Local time Wednesday (May 18th), Zhou Qixian is accepted in Boston Celtics trial. The first trial of players with six, in addition to Zhouqi and Jack – Lehman, abad – Nader, McCallum – broden, Nigel Hayes and other five players. Trial held at the at Celtic in Wortham’s training hall, mainly to the players 3 vs 3 and 2 resistance 2, 1 to 1 against mainly to study their comprehensive skills and the initial confrontation ability. The next day, Zhouqi in Memphis trial in Memphis Home Federal Express arena training hall or a total of six players, but also to 3 on 3, 2 to 2 against the main. Although journey some back and forth, but Zhou Qi in this two days trial basic play their technical characteristics, like flexible footwork, fast protection, outstanding cap ability, especially his signature mid range jumper to play even better NIKE KOBE 11 ELITE DRAFT DAY WHITE/BLUE LAGOON-COURT PURPLE FOR SALE Two teams of Zhou Qi echo is good. The Celtics player personnel director Austin Ainge said, “glad to Zhou Qi to be able to participate in the trial, he behaved very well.” “Zhou Qi’s height, he has a very good technology,” said, the Grizzlies basketball affairs Vice President John Hogan Ringer’s evaluation. For Zhou Qi this is not easy, because quite fatigued by a long journey, toss. He in the local time Wednesday attended the trial, that evening about the time immediately flew to catch the Grizzlies, because there is no direct flight, must turn for the better, so toss most of the day, in the middle of the night arrived in Memphis. Then, he second days non-stop in Memphis trial. From this, absolutely is back-to-back Ganchang participate in the trial, but also try to exhibit high levels of state, which for fitness is certainly a great test. Author: Zhang Qiang