[NBA] Arab League return to Guangdong why not officials declared the rule of consciousness has decided to rigorous”

Yuan Jie reported in October 25th that careful users might be able to find the Guangdong Hongyuan team this morning released two official announcement. The first is under pressure from the outside world announced the return of Yi Jianlian PAUL PIERCE BOSTON CELTICS ELECTRICITY FASHION SWINGMAN JERSEY Then, they change the announcement, claiming to welcome the return of the United Arab emirates. Because NBA has 48 hours within the claim, so the Arab League is a smooth return, there are variables. In the first two minutes after the official propaganda message received great notice, Hongyuan said, want to continue to wait, is not the final confirmation. But shortly after this, the national media have released a joint official return of the news. So many years has been adhering to the strict news operation, not issued a joint confirmation of the return of the news. After about 40 minutes of waiting, Hongyuan change announcement, claimed to welcome a return. What exactly happened during the two announcement, why the sudden announcement Hongyuan to change? Originally, according to the rules of NBA, from a couplet is cut starting within 48 hours, called “clarification”, at this time the other team can directly claim his contract (the player to receive the original contract price and time), the past 48 hours later still unclaimed, even if after clarification, becoming a free agent. Guangdong team so many years of work style is also very cautious, so they changed the official propaganda. However, Yi Guangdong team has had good communication, a return to Guangdong, it is only a matter of time. Author: Yuan Jie