[NBA]NBA5 suspected brush data, James 61 strong list, former teammate for 3 double left infamy!

In the NBA arena, there are a lot of players in order to break a record or create a record and malicious brush data. Here we come together to take stock of the players under the NBA deliberately brush data. 5 Chamberlain said brush data kuangmo, so Chamberlain is undoubtedly the best. In the special period of 60 years the giant Chamberlain lack, this 2.16 meters of the monster in that era was unstoppable. According to ESPN experts revealed that Chamberlain was 100 points also have a brush data suspects. 4. James has been James is the data record holder, but, you know, James also has deliberately brush data. For example, in the last year against the Bobcats, James has estimated the brush data. At that time before the end of the third quarter, Miami has to 98-79 big score leading opponent 19 points, logically speaking, James in the fourth quarter should not play. But James has not only played in the end. But also to fight to the last minute, under the Bobcats have disarmed, James Wong still to death in the fight, eventually in distal mad brush 12 points, the score of their own ascend to 61 points DISCOUNT CONVERSE ROCK RUSTY METAL TEXTURES ALL STAR GOLDEN LEATHER 3 Sura just debut, Sura’s physical quality in the white is a first-class, bouncing and speed are very good, the game is not uncommon. But Sura also did brush data this thing, but also in order to brush three pairs. 2. David Robinson in 1994. David Robinson in the game against the Clippers scored 71 points, with the ball, he finally got the current year’s score king. But for this approach him. Later many fans and experts that there are opportunistic, suspected of deliberately brush data, and he got the scoring title was nailed on suspicion of parallel. 1 Ricky Davis said deliberately brush data, it is estimated that one hundred percent of the fans will be the first to think of the Ricky Davis. This gentleman that year is also known as the James Huang’s right-hand man. However, he in effect during the knight. He has a wood to Qi Shihe James Wong coming great help we are unknown. It is a left a wonderful legend. Is said to in a knight against the Jazz game, in order to make their data up to three double, he went so far as to deliberately layup since self grab a rebound. As for his intentional brush data behavior, alliance cancelled his rebound in second days.