[NBA] Zhou Qi has underlined English language barrier?!

Zhang Qiang May 21 reported in the United States, between two days, continuous Zhouqi back-to-back Ganchang to participate in the trial at Celtic and Grizzlies, but whether in Boston or in Memphis, his English skills are questioned by the media, however, two teams of executives said Zhou Qi in the English Basketball did not master problem and he learned language ability quickly, this should not become an obstacle to he played in the NBA. This question is obviously because Zhou Qi is a foreigner, there is no system to accept English learning NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE “SILVER CAMO” METALLIC SILVER/VOLT-BLACK-COOL GREY FOR SALE And Zhouqi in Chicago to participate in the joint trial, team for him specially equipped with a translation, both the trial court scene, or part of the interview, the translation are inseparable, at any time for his translation. The joint trial, both the Celtic team, or local media, pay close attention to very much Zhouqi, obviously, Zhouqi anywhere need to translate, they see a clear, it is inevitable to have doubts. So after the Celtics of the trial is over, many local journalists are asking Zhouqi the lack of English proficiency will become the obstacle to join the NBA. However, the Celtics basketball personnel director Austen – Anji is not worried, he is not to say a lot of English, but he knows a lot of English in the English language, and learn quickly.” He believes that Zhou Qi English will become better and better, this is a challenge, but these young people learn English very quickly.” Anji also quipped, Zhouqi now English like is he tall Spanish, implying that he is now Spanish is quite good, Zhouqi after a period of time to exercise, speak a fluent English. Coincidentally, Zhou Qi in the Memphis trial, the media focus or his English ability. The Grizzlies basketball affairs Vice President John – Hollinger also believe that this is not a problem, “is, he will not say all the English, don’t talk about politics or economy, but English basketball, he does not have the question, he on the court don’t need translation will be able to understand the meaning. He had been to the United States before last year’s basketball summit here, so there is an experience in this regard, it will not be particularly troublesome to deal with.” Hollinger also believes that if Zhou Qi came to NBA, where life, training and competition, English for a long time will surely become better and better. Author: Zhang Qiang