[NBA] consumption in the end! The rockets and Mo Tai Long protracted war to continue to retain the offer contract

December 9th: according to senior reporter Jonathan – Fei root reports, sources said the Houston rockets decided not to withdraw the free agent of the restricted free agent Jonas’s offer contract. Therefore, Mo Tai Jonas and brokers expect the Rockets, their contract revocation of offer to become a free agent again “the situation does not appear, the Rockets management determined to carry out a protracted war and Mo Tai Jonas. And Mo Tai Jonas if you want to play in the NBA arena as soon as possible, it must be negotiated with the Rockets as soon as possible, rather than continue to fight. Recommended reading earlier, Broolyn nets to Mo Tai Jonas opened a four year $37 million contract offer. Three days later, the Rockets decided to match. However, after Mo Tai Jonas refused to accept the Rockets examination, not willing to report back. The reason is because the nets bid contract contains 6 million incentive bonus, while the Rockets only match the four year $31 million contract does not include incentive bonus. Mo Tai Jonas was deeply dissatisfied with this, so they decided to refuse to accept the medical way to force the Rockets to compromise. “We have the right,” said Armstrong, a broker in the interview.” NBA expert Larry Kuhn before the salary wrote that the motel and broker a suitable way: “I am not sure what Armstrong referred to the right. NBA labor agreement has a very clear rule for restricted players. It also shows that the players agree and are willing to abide by the rules. Mo Tai is an attempt to violate the established rules.” According to Kuhn’s analysis, the rockets on the one hand, you can withdraw the offer contract, so Mo Tai Jonas to become a restricted free agent UNDER ARMOUR CURRY 2 “FATHER TO SON” PACIFIC/EUROPA SHOES FOR DISCOUNT SALE And Mo Thai side should also be out of this purpose, they want the Rockets to withdraw the offer so as to negotiate a more favorable contract with the rockets. On the other hand, the Rockets can also keep the offer will be valid so that this contract offer until March 1st next year, during which the Mo Tai Jonas cannot for any other team. The management and Mo Tai to fight a protracted war, and at all stand in the perspective of the coach said: “as soon as possible to the motel we always open for him, if he can return to the team, for us is a very positive thing.” Author: Hu Hu