[NBA] playback curry audience 6 fouls he finally really wronged?

Beijing time in June 17th, the warriors away to 101-115 defeat the knight, the total score into 3-3. However the game referee some whistled, it is somewhat confused, especially curry is the first time in his career was ejected. A scene at the most controversial, the nothing better than distance race end before left 4 minutes and 22 seconds, when Tristan grab rebounds, curry tried to cut to the ball, after unsuccessful when faced with the roaring opponent, a dodge action. However, the referee whistle was ringing up…… 6 prisoners, Curitiba rage! He believes that this is not at all a foul, in addition to lambaste the referee “bullshit”. Curry also to throw out the braces, just lost in the fans. Of course, this action can not be tolerated, and additional prisoners, was directly expelled. Name Kevin Ding said, “curry already very angry and to the referee complaints, said their projected three points when the opponent was violated, but the referee, but declined the penalty.” The most obvious once too left in the first half 5 minutes 12 seconds, curry dribble to the front ultra long distance direct shot, the ball Jr and curry is obviously a physical contact, the theory should be a 3 + 1 attack, but the referee turned a deaf ear. Warriors reporter Thompson – Marcus also revealed, Green – Drummond intends to find the referee to talk, but Cole quickly stopped him, and warned him not to do so.” In fact for green, once he eat to a malicious foul will be automatically suspended; and if to eat two technical fouls will also be automatically suspended. But for the referee’s penalty, Cole seemed very unhappy FOR SALE NEW BALANCE 515 WOMEN DARK BLUE GREY “If the referee to treat the MVP of the league is so critical and often catch hair some fouls, the fine scale, I really can’t agree with you. To know curry is the league’s most valuable player, but he in the race was blown six fouls, of which three are very absurd. ” In fact in addition to the dismissal of the foul and curry in the first half accumulates three prisoners, in the second half of the just war and be blown the fouls, such treatment, curry find it difficult to accept. Worth mentioning is, the referee has the knight, such as Loew first section played only 1 minute 30 seconds are accumulated two fouls, festival just play play less than two minutes, and swallow the fouls and the foul is also obvious hair whistle, face of the roaring of the green, Loew has a a movement of dodge, referee whistle still sounded…… Perhaps the knight should also thank the referee, Loew firmly on the bench.” Skip Bayles quipped. Game Loew played only 11 minutes and 55 seconds, 7 points and 3 rebounds. Author: LEON