[NBA] JR with knee ankle injury problems? Stick to fighting Lu: he will consider the holiday

December 3rd: this season, Knight will JR by many injuries, which led to his state of ups and downs. Today, the reporter Dave Maikeminaming revealed that JR has a knee injury, ankle injury. It is reported that in the past few games, JR has been plagued by the pain of the left knee. He had previously been out of 3 matches because of an ankle pain, but JR said the two were not associated with knee pain and ankle pain. JR said he did not intend to carry out a nuclear magnetic resonance examination of his injuries, but he intends to continue to fight with the injury. This season, JR played 14 games, all starts, averaging 30.4 minutes of battle, with 8.1 points, 2.3 rebounds, 1.3 assists, 1.6 steals. Shot hit rate of only three, 30.3% points hit rate of only 32.7%, compared to last season there has been a huge decline. In the 3 game of the JR truce, the Knight 2 wins and 1 losses, the game against the Bulls today, JR or the first issue of war. Recently the knight has experienced two successive defeats, JR also appeared in the game distracted embarrassment, Knight need bravely, the status of the JR must be restored. Knight coach Lu said that if the JR of the situation intensified, the situation has become worse, then he will let JR go to a truce, not let him go. Before the start of the season, the knights wanted to deliberately let some of the main players holiday, such as Lebron, Irwin, Loew, is the protection for their fitness in the regular season long, to avoid injuries, so that they can play all the energy in the important mission of defending the playoffs, impact. Author: Qiao Tete