[NBA] Library: want to borrow Rodman rebounding skills package

Western Conference finals draw 1-1, for the warriors, protecting the basket is very important, the importance of inside connection player may and spray brothers “neck and neck. “When the ball is out, you can’t just watch it. You’re going to grab a rebound.” Green said. G1 thunder won the warriors 8 rebounds, but G2, the warriors recover lost ground on the rebound, they won the thunder 9 rebounds. Green, Bogert, Yizeli, Si Betts these big players rebound effort degree is very important. Similarly, curry, Thompson rebounds with no less. “I’m learning how Rodman grabbed the rebound and how he got the point.” Curry said, “Lang Adams (warriors defense assistant) has been with us (referring to himself and Thompson said rebounds, he said we have to grab 12-14 rebounds this.” The thunder also like Ibaka, Adams such rebounder, Green said: “they are in the air flying, want to grab rebounds, so you must be used by the body to fight.” “We know that the thunder is a tough team.” Isawa Li said, “this series is the rest of the game will be hard. That’s for sure AIR JORDAN 1 FLIGHT MID WHITE RED We must concentrate on what we want to do and play in the right way, hoping that the end result will be on our side.” “I think G2 warriors grabbed the 55 offensive rebounds.” Durant said, this is indeed surprising, because we are very good on the offensive and defensive conversion rate is very good, but they have been in place, put his hand on the ball, the control of the board. So, you have to praise them for their performance.” Author: Qiao Tete