The [NBA] warriors escaped! Green G4 will not be suspended

Beijing time on May 24, Yahoo Sports famous reporter Werner Rawski broke the News Alliance’s decided to not Drummond – green make a suspended punishment, he will normally played in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals. ESPN correspondent Stein revealed that Green’s foul was upgraded to a two level of malicious foul, he will be fined $25000 fine. Recommended reading: at the end of the third game, Green because kick kick Adams lower body and was blown a malicious foul. Because he did two consecutive kicks, so after many experts think that Green should be suspended. After all the knight’s substitute Dahntay Jones to because hitting the opponent’s nakedness be suspended for one game, the former NBA for this decision is very strict with the. It is worth mentioning is that hit billon Bo inguinal Jones and without being fined extra fine, because he was suspended (unpaid), and his salary is very low, which means that the loss of his money about only about $80 ASICS MEXICO66 PARATY TH342N WOMENS BLUE BEIGE Green’s price is much more expensive. But at the end of the game, green is a good attitude to admit and insisted that he is not intentionally, warriors are also supported his argument. Obviously, have 1-2 behind the warriors no longer on the road to lose, if the loss of Green, is really be unbearable to contemplate the consequences. Thunder with respect to the attitude is completely contrary to the warriors, first of all fans in the game has been shouting the slogan Green played the game, the referee only blow a malicious foul so they are very unhappy. And after the game, Weiss is directly said Green is intentional, Donovan also hope that the union can supervise the action of Green, do not let Adams in vain. If Green was suspended, the thunder in the fourth field advantage undoubtedly more. Finally, the League did not choose the ban, apparently also believe his kicking action is not intentional. Green in the playoffs this year have to eat four technical fouls and a secondary malicious foul, if he eat a flagrant foul, it will be automatically suspended for one game, so the next step is to still need to be careful.