[FOOTBALL] not only by luck! There is a wall in front of the Milan gate by a man driving a crazy team

October 23rd: the Milan and Juventus this round of strong dialogue, in addition to the outcome of the game between the game home, the biggest surprise is that the new and old Italy goalkeeper Buffon and Buffon successor Donnarumma showdown. Donnarumma outstanding performance, repeatedly saves clean sheet to prove their affordable “successor of Buffon” is the title. The League against Juventus, although previously made two rounds of victory, but the young players to give priority to the Rossoneri from both the strength of experience is not able to compete with the Bianconeri, but fortunately the team goalkeeper Donnarumma maintained a stable play, losing 3 points to the team, and strive to create the best conditions for Milan. The beginning of the game, Donnarumma was tested Dibala small angle shot by his side had blocked off. 4 minutes later, the use of any opportunity to take the opportunity to create a free kick in front of the door, Gonzalo Higuain’s header was Donnarumma timely block. Seventh minutes, Donnarumma saved P Janic’s free kick leipzig. Fourteenth minutes, Donnarumma confiscated Sandro’s header MEN NIKE AIR MAX LUNAR90 SP MOON LANDING 270 NEW Twenty-first minutes, the fire Dibala saved by Donnarumma. The second half of the game, the first goal in Milan, a long time no less than the score behind the Juventus began to be impatient, and repeatedly attack in advance to resolve the offensive is to make it difficult for Juve to calm down. Eighty-fourth minutes of the game, Claude Lado’s cross into the restricted area, caused by melee, Donnarumma to tie to the crowd ready to take the ball and run on his ball when holding how to try the idea of foot shot has kicked, Donnarumma did not dodge, kicked the back of the ear is, fortunately, no big deal. Near the end of the game, Gonzalo Higuain to seize the last chance to attack long-range kicker, this foot shot time quality is not bad, directly toward the goal flew past; but Donnarumma did not give the opponent the opportunity to leave, a wonderful flying fighting, the ball out of the bottom line, the last attack out to resolve juventus. If Milan wins the biggest hero is Donnarumma, that’s not the goal of the importance when the same thing, but the key to victory in Milan without Donnarumma does not do, if not for his outstanding performance guarding the goal, how can Milan get 3 wins. Donnarumma is now just over 18 years old, and his future is full of infinite possibilities. Author: vitality