[NBA] and Jeremy Lin fighting style? Nine godly beggar clover shape Green Army salute the sun

October 27th: in NBA, many players are willing to spend a lot of time in the hair, such as that of Andrew Bynum, and now Broolyn nets Jeremy Lin. They can always have their own unique style of hair to grab people’s attention, attracted media reports. And recently, the Celtics team in Boston Feng Wei Green – Gerrard also joined the “wash cut blow” of the ranks. In order to meet the new season, Green cut out a “clover” shape, but also through such a way to honor the green shirt GOEDKOOP TE KOPEN PUMA BAYLEE FUTURE CAT SHOES RED/WHI ANBME6Y U.S. media also joked: “this way, no one dared to blame the team Green no sense of honor.” Green’s hair is very fine, it is clear that the famous barber hired a great idea to get out of the. Compared with this, the team of Jeremy Lin’s hair is usually created by virtue of their own and friends and get out. In today’s game, the team will meet the Celtics, Green and Jeremy Lin these two different shapes of the players will flourish in the game, will also become a major highlight of the game. Green in 2005 the first round of the NBA draft pick eighteenth was selected by the Boston Celtic team to enter the league. Since then, Green has played for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Houston rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Brooklyn nets, Indiana Pacers, Feinikesi and Miami suns miami. Green had an accurate three pointers, and the ability to dunk is very hot. However, he did not find their own position in the league, had come to China’s Foshan team to play. And after a period of time in China, he has finally returned to the league by virtue of the excellent play of the NBA team to return to the league. Author: Hu Hu