[NBA]19 victory over the king! Easy shooting down the sun cousins 24+6 Gaye 22

October 27th: the Sacramento Kings (1 – 0) get off. Cousins had 24 points and 6 rebounds, Gaye scored 22 points, they led the team in the first half hit attack climax established an early game advantage, they beat Feinikesi 113-94 on the road to the Suns (0 – 1). Kings scored 24 points and 6 rebounds, Gaye scored 22 points, Barnes got 14 points and 7 rebounds, Temple scored 12 points, Lawson got 9 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds. The Suns Booker scored 18 points and 3 assists, 16 points, Bledsoe 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Warren had 14 points and 5 rebounds, he scored 10 points, Chandler had 8 points and 10 rebounds. The king’s Collison was suspended, they start with Lawson. The start of the 4 flat AFFLALO hit three points, he played 7-4 lead a small climax CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN ROLLERBOY SILVER SPIKES LOAFERS LEOPARD ONLINE Bledsoe even get 4 points, 6 points against the Suns to respond quickly over. The two sides have a bit after the suns in the first section of the last 2 minutes and 55 seconds misfiring, Maikelemo scored 6 points, he led the team to the 14-1 attack climax at the end of the first day, the King team 30-19 lead with 11 points. In the second quarter began soon after Bledsoe hit three points, Aaron jumper, narrowing the gap between the suns. Gaye even took 4 points to lead the team is a wave of 8-0 small climax, the King team to 42-24 lead 18 points. Warren and Booker hit the jumper, Afflalo hit three points, Gaye hits 3 point success, the team continues to keep a big lead. Chandler cousins hook shot two free throws, Temple left jumper, at the end of the first half King team to lead 57-38. The king’s Gaye received 10 first half points; the Suns Bledsoe scored 9 points, Booker and Warren each had 8 points. After the start of the third quarter, the two teams alternating up points, the king continued to maintain a large score advantage, Gaye two penalty one, they lead 20 points in 68-48. Chandler led the team to 4 points, Barnes and cousins together to cut 8 points, the third section there are 4 minutes and 30 seconds when the kings 76-54 lead with 22 points. Knight jumper, the Suns defense completely helpless cousins, he even get 6 points for the kings to lead 82-56. His debut performance is good, he even get 5 points led to 11-2 against the tide of the end of the third quarter, the Suns to 17 points behind 67-84. The Suns comeback momentum continued in the fourth quarter, they even after 7 minutes, the two sides only 10 points. Gaye and Barnes to come forward, they take turns to hit three points, the king hit 12-1 attack climax, the fourth section there are 5 minutes and 55 seconds when the kings 98-77 lead with 21 points. The Suns recovered 4 points, an examination of the penalty in the two ball, Barnes right wing hit three points, the king continued to maintain more than 20 points. The last time the Suns huitianfali, they lost to 94-113. The starting lineup: Lawson, Gaye, afflaalo, cousins, KOUFOS sun starting lineup: Warren, Dudley, Booker, Bledsoe, Chandler Author: Xiao Liu