The knight of the [NBA] 3 giant together to cut 84 points and so on! Loew’s heart in the blood.

Beijing time on June 14, the knight away to 112-97 victory against Golden State, LeBron and Owen respective cut 41 points and create a finals record. Just three giants in another, Kevin Loew, performance is very bad, the audience played 32 minutes and 53 seconds, anger Cut 2 points and 3 rebounds, plus two blocks. At the end of the two sides in the fourth game, Buckley to a belated, tyronn Lue made a mistake, he should not have to throw Loew to sit on the bench. At the same time, Barkley also said the joke, he did not understand why the world so hate Loew. Is the so-called wise advice, a war today, tyronn Lue will Loew back in the starting lineup. However, from the point of view, it is a disaster. Where is the disaster? Data shows, as last summer five years signed 110 million contract the giant, Loew pitch just hand over a 5 cast 1 in the answer. He scored his first goal in the game, 58 minutes and 3 seconds before the end of the game, when Loew flank shot, hit. Yes, this is Loew’s only score in the game, in addition, he did not make any contribution to the team at the offensive end. Perhaps in the defensive end, Loew finally made some contributions, such as he gave Iguodala a big hat. And then to the end of the game 05 minutes and 8 seconds, Loew gave Thompson a big hat. But the problem is that the knight spent such a big price, not Janlev occasionally brush two blocks, highlighting the sense of presence ONLINE MENS NEW BALANCE SHOES 998 M004 To a certain extent, Loew’s performance is too bad. The first section back to play Barnes, he actually hit! no! Dynamic! The crowd of fans that embarrassment in the lead. Skip to the second section, Loew bottom line trying to strong Thompson, this is a great opportunity to dislocation attack. But when the warrior bag arrives, Loew suddenly panic, trying to cross, the results turned into mistakes. When LeBron and Irwin at the front hard, Loew was desperately Che houtui, such not only make Cavalier camp marvel that LeBron to him very angry. U.S. media will in the game to crawl to such an interesting picture, the first section when knight to 14-18 backwardness, Loew grinning come forward to try and LeBron clap, but LeBron did not mean that, but in front of the Loew roar. Unlucky Knight giant, palm still stays in the air, his face hung with embarrassment…… Just as ugly people admit, beaten to stand. When Loew come up with such a performance, he scolded scolded who? Back, Kobe anger cut 81 points, his team mate Blaine Cook said proudly, I had 83 points and Kobe. Today, a war, Loew may also be proud of that, I and the two giants, and cut 84 points! This taste, sour. Author: LEON