[NBA] 22+9 a small test God King Grizzlies plus empty cut 20+6 7 in 2 Conley comeback

December 17th: the Sacramento Kings (10 – 16) on the road to rebound. Cousins had 22 points and 9 rebounds, Temple scored 17 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, Conley comeback 2 of 7 only 8 points, kings scored 11 points up firmly keep the advantage in the first three quarters, Conley at the end of the game three points to tie the miss, the king in the away team to 96-92 win over the Memphis Grizzlies team (18 – 10). The king’s cousins had 22 points and 9 rebounds, Temple scored 17 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, KOUFOS averaged 16 points and 13 rebounds, Collison scored 11 points and 6 assists, Barnes scored 7 points and 10 rebounds. Grizzlies Gasol scored 20 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, Allen scored 16 points and 9 rebounds, Daniels scored 13 points, Harrison scored 11 points, Randolph had 10 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists, Conley comeback 7 shots, scoring 8 points and 6 assists, he became history bears the total score of the king. The Grizzlies Conley comeback, King’s Gaye continued absence, as a former Grizzlies coach, Georgel returned to Memphis. The start of the 4 flat, 8 flat, 10 flat after the kings of Temple and Collison were fired outside, hit three points, the team leader. Green led the team even after 4 minutes, Temple feel even 5 points, a 8-0 small climax let king the team opened the score again. Daniels and Harrison teamed up 3 points, the end of the first quarter Grizzlies 19-24 points behind. The king’s perimeter maintain hand, Taliaferro and Lawson hit three points to the opening of the second day, they 32-23 lead with 9 points. Daniels fight back three points, the king even scored to expand the advantage of 5 points. With a fine cast Allen recovered 4 points, cousins offensive force scored 5 points, a round 8-2 attack for the kings in 1 minutes and 40 seconds before halftime lead to 52-40. Gasol scored two goals, the Grizzlies at halftime to 42-52 behind the score of 10 points. Temple of the kings scored 12 points and a total of 4 rebounds in the first half, while he scored a total of 9 points and a total of 5 rebounds. Grizzlies scored a score of $and a total of 5 rebounds, with a score of 8 points and a rebound of up to a quarter of a quarter of a quarter at the end of the game. The team scored a total of 10 points and a rebound of about $6. Mike Lermo in the third quarter began soon after the kings hit three points, expand the advantage RAY BAN RB4162 SUNGLASSES GREY RED CRYSTAL FRAME BROWN GRADIENT NEW ARRIVAL Gasol hook shot, KOUFOS two score under the basket, the third section there are 6 minutes and 35 seconds when the King team to lead 63-48. The Grizzlies outside Daniels and Harrison respectively recovery, hit three points, Temple quickly responded with three points, Randolph and Martin teamed up with 4 points, to 58-68 behind the grizzlies. Cousins Glenealy 3 points to stabilize the situation, Randolph and Harrison each two points, only 9 points behind the grizzlies. Cousins came out again to score 3 points, and at the end of the three quarter the kings led 76-65 by a factor of 11. Grizzlies chase 3 points after the start of the fourth quarter, they only behind the score of 8. Cousins maintained offensive 7 points, which helps the team to maintain a strong figure of two. Cousins body back five prisoners had to temporarily rest, Allen even chase after 4 points, even with a penalty shot back with a penalty of 4 points, there are still in the second quarter of the king’s team to lead the in 4 minutes to 91-80. Allen scored 4 points, three points in Daniels, a 7-0 counter for the Grizzlies just 4 points behind Barnes and Taliaferro teamed up with 4 points, the team to stabilize the situation. Gasol caused the exam six Xin Si graduate, he fined the ball, Daniels right again in the middle of the score, the second quarter of 55.3 seconds when the Grizzlies to 92-95 behind the score of 3 points in the second quarter of the year, the second half of the game, the penalty is not enough, and the penalty is not enough. In the second quarter of the second quarter of the second quarter, the right wing of the scored three points. Barnes three points, three points from Miss Lawson Conley, one of two free throws, fourth section there are 1.9 seconds when the kings 96-92 lead with 4 points. Gasol three points, the Grizzlies lost. The king’s starting lineup: Collison, Temple, Mike Lermo, cousins, KOUFOS Memphis starting lineup: Williams, Allen, Green Conley, Gasol, author: Xiao Liu