[NBA] Odom hospital stroll happy ex girlfriend: family are proud of him

December 21st report: Recently, the media photographed Lamar – Odom walk in the convalescent center look. The 37 year old former NBA star is now the body has been restored to health, he was admitted to the sanatorium of Santiago recently, before the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism thoroughly. Walk in Odom well, dressed in a gray sportswear, wearing a headset. Although he did not face the face, but it is reported that he also took the initiative to communicate with people around, looks very relaxed and happy. The media reported that Odom active hospitalized, because he died young son Jaden’s birthday is coming, because he was worried about his grief and what to do MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS SELMA TOTE COFFEE FOR SALE In addition, Kohler and Kardashian divorce also let her depressed. After the return to California, Odom and his girlfriend Lisa and two children reunited, and Kardashian has no intersection. Lisa said in a statement online, they are very supportive of Odom into a nursing center, “I am proud of Lamar was finally able to revive his life out of this step, it should be his private moments, but is not a short duration of time to complete.” Lisa said Odom was still a “father, relatives and friends, and said, with her son and daughter will continue to support Odom. Odom had when talking about Kardashian’s tears in their eyes, also confirmed that the two marriage broke up, brought great shock to his mood. But he told Lisa no signs of composite, he now had broken a pressing matter of the moment, regular life, start again. Insiders said: “he hope that I can keep awake, don’t go wrong. This is his own choice, for children, but also to live 100% sober. He did not become addicted to drugs, but still hope that when the new year comes, can start again.” Author: Kewell