[NBA] ray – Allen photo of the black widow of the United States team users: like G6 like to save the

December 6th report: retired after Ray Allen’s life is still rich and colorful. Recently, he and the “black widow” Scarlett – Johnson, Chris – Evans “Captain America” and the “almighty swimmer” Maya tirado (in the Rio Olympic Games won 2 gold medals) joined the military activities, and drying out the photo with three others. Have to say, this is a cross dimension of the group photo, which is a kind of NBA killer and revenge of the alliance, naturally led to the friends of ridicule. In this photo, Scarlett is still glamorous, “Captain America” is consistent with the beard style appearance, but cannot conceal a heroic spirit in the foundation NEW BALANCE 997 WOMEN BALCK RED Allen lamented: “the United States of america! We have too many brave soldiers to fight for us all over the world, to see some of them is our greatest glory. We live in this great country, and today’s events make me feel a greater sense of honor, to those who defend us, I also gave birth to a high respect. All this is not what should be, today’s happy life is hard to come by.” Some netizens praise said: “incredible! Great men do great things!” There are friends laugh: you want to go to Scarlett’s phone number…… Unless the League of the people who have the vengeance will need you to save them, as you did in G6.” As we all know, Allen was in the 2013 finals sixth games with a record of three points to save the heat, the three points to change a lot of people’s historical position, many people think. Ray Allen was born in a military family, was running with father garrison soldiers of natural changes, have a special feeling. This time, they follow the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff participated in the USO and military activities, intimate interaction. In addition, he is still in the sun out of his own photo with the soldiers, we are very emotional Instagram. He drying out the photos, and even a mighty domineering military transport. Scarlett – Johnson is very beautiful, Durant was her fans, while killing four on the pitch, but speaking of Scarlett, Durant will become “spoony little brother many seconds”. The league has also been a lot about Durant and Scarlett Terrier, estimates he saw Allen and Scarlett intimate photo after knowing envy. Author: Small Red Army