[NBA] Cole: Iguodala is the leader of the behind the scenes similar to the bull Pippin

NBA Finals after the war, last season’s fmvp Andre Iguodala has become the focus and the warriors coach cole of the veteran has very high evaluation NEW AIR JORDAN 8 BLACK/BRIGHT CITRUS-COOL GREY-DEEP ROYAL BLUE HOT NOW “Iguodala is the real leader of our team and the leader behind the scenes. He is the one that everyone looks up to.” Cole said, “Green is our leader, but Iguodala is the kind of quiet leader.” A reporter asked, Pippen when is not Andre Iguodala is such, Jordan is the leader of the discourse, and always in front of the mirror, but Pippen is that all people are linked together? “This is a good analogy.” Cole said, “Pippen for the bulls is everyone’s favorite. Everyone loves him. You need these two kinds of existence. Without Green, you would have no life. No library, we can’t live. Without Iguodala, we lost our vitality. We need all the people. The 3 of them are very successful, because the 3 of them are complementary.” “Iguodala is not the kind of person who is active as a leader, he is not willing to play this role, he is a very private player. Sometimes I have to force him to talk, so that I can release some of his thoughts. Because although he knows everything, he may not be willing to say.” “Sometimes he would make people uncomfortable, he will some satirical sayings, critical mode all over the world, but he never talk to anyone have any Siyuan, to humiliate others. He’ll use a sense of humor to tell the bad things, the bad things.” Author: Qiao Tete