[NBA] exposure to the forest wolf to buy “semi -” tin handsome to promote marriage?

“Sports news” news, NBA draft general meeting is about to come, there are a lot of trade rumors, such as the nuggets. It is said that the forest wolf want to get the Nuggets, half of the Reed law. In recent seasons, Reed’s performance in the Nuggets have slipped, he has not been aware of the Nuggets in the future plans, if the Nuggets to deal with his words, Fareed is also welcome. These are no secret in the league. According to an insider revealed, with the Nuggets discussed the matter of Reed’s team to deal with the forest wolf. Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau has long has been fans of Farid, 2014, Reid method on behalf of us men’s basketball team played the basketball world cup, and Thibodeau was also the United States men’s basketball coach group members. Two people from that time on the establishment of a close contact. In Thibodeau view, can get a strong hardness of the players and Downes partner, this is no better. Fareed averaged 12.5 points and 8.7 rebounds last season. He also appeared a lot of problems, stop playing. Worth mentioning is that now the NBA’s development determines the big players to have shooting ability, especially outside the three points ability, and this is Farid deficient. Since he entered the NBA, so far a total of only three times shot 13 points. So he can’t help the team to open up the space. The Timberwolves now major players in the team are very young, as Downes, Wiggins, Lavin, and this year’s NBA draft they have a first round pick No NBA CLEVELAND CAVALIERS BIG & TALL PRIMARY LOGO ORANGE WOMEN T SHIRT 5 sign, and there will be a young people to join the team. Although Thibodeau and not very much hope that sided with the team is young, but he also said that if young players to prove their ability to play, then he can get the chance. Author: Qiao Tete