[NBA] history of the most accurate partner? Durant is expected to curry with into the 180 Club

December 20th report: able to maintain a shooting rate over 50% in a season, the shooting rate of over 40% points, free throw ratio of more than 90% players is very rare. The “180 club” in NBA has always been a “small groups”, once done, only Larry bird, Reggie Miller, Mark Preiss, Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Stephen curry and Kevin Durant. Today, curry and Durant became teammates, but this season they are expected to become the first to enter the history of the 180 club combination. Now Durant’s free throw percentage (86 MANOLO BLAHNIK TROVINA SUEDE POINT-TOE MULE BLUE オンライン 2%) did not reach the standard, courier and shooting (47.5%) was also less, but the future is still up space. Durant himself is also looking forward to this record: this level of efficiency, absolutely shocking.” Adu has 4 consecutive season hit rate of more than 50%, in the warrior his play more efficient, compared to the shots, he is more concerned about efficiency. Drummond – Green said, sometimes even for his opponent’s bad choice to sigh. “I think it’s good for our opponents to vote so badly.”. But it also shows his pursuit of efficiency.” The overall hit rate of over 50%, three hits over 40% for Adu is not what difficult, he said he was trying to raise the hit rate: “although this is a small problem, but also will affect the game, more than two or three points on the penalty, may help the team win. I have to put more accurate, because this is the free fraction.” Kuliben season free throw percentage as high as 93.2%, Cole also said: “he told Reggie Miller, like Nash, at the free throw line is a machine.” However, his shooting rate has declined, three points is even lower career lows. But curry said: “now a little low never mind will catch up later. I’m used to the rhythm.” Durant and curry in the good score means is complementary, Adu also said: “Stephen’s clever shot selection from the pick and roll, three points, three points back, breaks through the basket, he is very efficient in it. A point guard can score so amazing that he has changed a lot of people’s ideas and prejudices and it’s amazing to see him play.” Author: Kewell