[NBA] rocket coach wife is trapped in the house in case of flood danger fortunately rescued in time

Recently, West Virginia suffered severe tornadoes and storms, the Rockets coach Mike – D’Antoni’s wife Laurie trapped at home almost suffered flood danger, fortunately, get the rescue in a timely manner, take the lifeboat away in time. Because the Dandong has been in Houston with the draft transaction of the Rockets inseparable from the body, Laurie will stay at home packing, ready to move. In the offseason, they have been living in this area, NBA Su Jerry West are here to purchase real estate. “We are all right.” In an interview with ESPN, Dandong said, “we regret those affected people, and we will do our best to help them rebuild their homes.” The tornado and heavy rains caused flooding, 23 people have been killed and many houses were destroyed, there are many areas of West Virginia Power outage. Dandong, said his house suffered less damage, but it is really scary.” He said, “I didn’t do a favor, there are two cats at home. House is damaged, but no relationship, the water rose up, she could not go out, but fortunately the lifeboat arrived in time, she and her neighbors were rescued.” Natural disasters have occurred from time to time, season, the thunder assistant coach Monty Williams, wife were killed in a car accident, that the thunder felt quite sad. And Houston in the playoffs also suffered hurricanes and floods, the players have also expressed concern, the Rockets owner also contributed to the victims. The Dandong in rocket fortunately no “frustrated”, husband and wife in Houston reunited to settle down after, he was finally able to systemic heart into work, help the Rockets continue reinforcing the construction ONLINE AIR JORDANS 4 RETRO “BRED” BLACK/CEMENT GREY-FIRE RED FOR SALE Author: Kewell