[NBA] Weiss: old mention three pairs let me upset stressed that the 100 time I do not care about the pair of three

December 16th: in the race this season, scored three double data for Oklahoma team headed star Wesbrook is like homely food as easily. However, three consecutive games Wesbrook did not get the double data of the three. And Wesbrook also for the media has been asked him three pairs of topics boring, bluntly people have been discussing this topic let oneself upset. This season so far, Wesbrook still maintained a field average of 30.5 points and 10.5 rebounds and 10.6 assists in the double data of three GIRLS AIR JORDAN 4 RETRO BLACK SUEDE LIGHT GREEN PINK FOR SALE AUTHENTIC And against the Denver nuggets, Detroit pistons, New York Nicks, New Orleans, Atlanta, Washington and Houston Eagle Pelican rockets for the seven consecutive games, Wesbrook scored three double data. However, the last three games against the Boston Celtics, Portland blazers and Utah jazz, Wesbrook failed to get the three pairs of data. Which in the thunder team lost to the Jazz 89-109 game, Wesbrook contributed 27 points and 6 rebounds and 5 assists. And Wesbrook himself did not want to talk about three pairs of this topic. He said: “to be honest, brothers, people always take three pairs to discuss, let me feel upset. People seem to think that I did not get three pairs is a big thing. And I got three pairs but nothing. In fact, I got three pairs to get, do not get the do not care. I must stress 100 times, I really don’t care about the three pair. Honestly, all I care about is victory. All the data have no meaning to me.” This season so far, Wesbrook has got 12 pairs of the three. When he got three pairs of data, the thunder team record is 9 wins and 3 losses, and when he did not get the double data, the thunder team record is a gain of 6 wins and a loss of 8. So far, Wesbrook still maintained a field of three pairs of data, such data has remained true? In this regard, Wesbrook said: I do not know what reality unrealistic. I just try to play well every night is enough. How others think I can continue to maintain three pairs, for this idea I don’t care.” Author: Hu Hu