Why is [NBA] yibaka trading? Team roles have been going to leave next year with

In yesterday’s draft of period, a most striking it is thunder team will Ibaka sent to the magic, and pay the magic chips, is Victor – ora Dibo, Eersen – ilyasova and just small sabonis 11 picks Xuanlai. Serge Ibaka, 26 years old, he was the key player in the thunder, thunder team last season in the playoffs eliminated the Spurs after and and the warriors war game 7, Ibaka on the pitch have played well and his interior defense and key three pointers for the thunder team with help. Pay the magic chip is quite attractive, but according to the familiar sources revealed to the CBS sports, the thunder team choice trading Ibaka is the main because Ibaka has already dissatisfied with his role in the thunder team’s position and as and is thought to in the summer of 2017 with unrestricted free agent identity departure. In such a situation, Ibaka although there is no requirement to the active transactions, but for the thunder, before it became a free agent will traded is indeed a can to maximize the benefits of the move. Harden in 2012 also faced a similar situation, when the thunder team will Harden traded to the rockets. “I want to thank Sergi for his contribution to the team at the time of playing for the thunder,” said Presti Sam, general manager of thunder. “In the team’s success and development in these years, he has been an integral part of the team, he is a very good team player, we hope that his career will be better and better.” Ibaka in 2016-17 season of annual salary of $12.3 million, in the 2008 NBA draft, he was the thunder team in the first round of the 24 cis position is selected. So far Ibaka has thunder team played seven seasons. In the seven seasons, Ibaka field can cut 11 MENS PUMA FUTURE CAT GT FERRARI WHITE BLACK 6 points and 7.4 rebounds and 2.5 blocks of data, he is shooting up to 52.3%, and one-third of the ball hit ratio is 35.5%. Author: Zhao Buchuan