[NBA] Bosh Hamilton & Wade sail to the sea

In the offseason, many stars chose to use holiday to relax and recuperate this way can let them quickly from last season’s fatigue free ADIDAS ZX850 MEN DARK BLUE GREY CHEAP TO BUY Heat star Wade chose to take his wife to go to Monaco on vacation, with his peers and Bosh couple. Accompany them to play together is the well-known F1 racing hand Hamilton – Lewis. Video from TMZ to see, this is a grand carnival on the yacht. From the video on the label, the Bosh couple and Wade couple should be Hamilton’s guests, they were invited to watch the F1 championship, by the way to play on the yacht. Guest host between mutually talk very happy, bosh also is a kind of mold holding DV filming of a video for the Hamilton, is like asking Hamilton. Video of the last, there is a label, the top write “good friends, good laugh, a good time.” See, Monaco sea view is quite beautiful, and Wade and Bosh’s trip to Monaco is also very pleasant. It is reported that Hamilton will participate in the local time on Sunday to participate in the F1 tournament in Monaco station. Before the official game, he would like to calm down and the world’s top two basketball star to go out to sea. It is worth mentioning is that before Monaco trip on the sea, they also accompany play in France, a famous tourist city in St Tropez. Subsequently, the helicopter took a taxi to the next destination continues to carnival. Yacht outing has become Wade, Hugh, the standard configuration of the offseason, last year, he traveled banana boats and LeBron James, Chris – Paul together to the sea. However, this time Lebron can not accompany him, because his trip to the playoffs is not over. Hamilton from the United Kingdom, known as “Han”, is one of the world’s most prestigious F1 racing. He is the first black driver in the history of F1, and 2008, 2014 and three F1 world champion. From the number of times, it is exactly the same as Wade. Bosh was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism after, career almost ended, although he personally to very strong desire to campaign, but physical condition does not seem to allow him to continue to participate in such a high intensity exercise, indeed regrettable. Wade playoffs this year almost three youth, personal performance is extremely high. There are rumors that Wade next season may become a hit rate of over three of the 40% break up. Lebron left, Wade still and he maintained a close friendship, earlier today reported that Riley on their friendship between them is very unhappy. And Wade said that he could not because of Lebron left the heat on his heart hate. Also although Monaco trip is very pleasant, but a thorny issue still put in front of Wade, that is his contract, he himself also said don’t want again last season as twists and turns, just want to “quick check quick decision”. Author: Small Red Army