[NBA]: the odds of winning the warriors to win the hot rocket Knight pressure rose to sixth

December 20th report: the new season NBA regular season has started more than 1/4 of the schedule, Las Vegas’s Gambling company also discharged the latest issue of each team to win odds. So far, the Jinzhou warriors win odds is still as high as 5. 4 at the top, and the Cleveland Cavaliers in 5. 9 followed. Recently, the Houston rockets record color with 1 / 30 (on a 1 / 100 ranked eleventh) ranked sixth. The following is a specific ranking: Jinzhou warriors 5 / 4, 5 / 9 of 1 knights, the Spurs lost 5, clippers 1 lost 14, Toronto 1 lost 25, 1 rockets, the Celtics lost 30, thunder 1 lost 60, 1. 80, sir, Memphis Hornets 1 lost 100 AUTHENTIC PUMA ENGINE CAT LOW SHOES BLACK HEIEKT Bulls, eagles, blazers, wizards, walkers, bucks, pistons and Nicks are 1 loss of 200. The Nuggets are 1 lost 500. Miami, Minnesota, pelican, Lakers, king and magic are 1 / 1000. Dallas, 76 people, the sun and the nets are 5000 – 1. So far, the Jinzhou braves to 24 wins and 4 negative record topped the League first. Because Durant joined, their offensive firepower unprecedented powerful. With the more than and 20 game running in, the team also produced a better chemical reaction. At the last game, they had to develop 135-90 bloodbath in Portland. As the defending champion, the Cavaliers currently continue to 19 wins and 6 negative record ranking in the eastern top position. The last seven games, the Knights made 6 wins 1 of the negative results. The defeat of the game, or the big three all holiday in the road loss to the grizzlies. The Cavaliers inside Badmash “Birdman” Anderson just because of injuries and the season, which is larger for the weakening squad depth. For the Cavaliers, they also need a certain reinforcement in the point guard and center position. December unbeaten, 10 winning streak, the Rockets can be said to be the hottest team in the recent league. Nevertheless, they still came in after the warriors and the Spurs in third place, which shows the intense competition. The last game against the Timberwolves, rockets in the audience most of the time behind the situation, relying on God quasi three points to 111-109 to achieve a big reversal. Author: Hu Hu