[NBA]76 out 3 years for Simmons value? Opponents: Champion talent bursting

July 19 reported: Yahoo Sports News, 76 people this summer through the draft has been champion the Simmons, and the owner of the magician level passing ability, known as “mini LeBron” genius soon for the Sixers to restore hope. In the 4 games in Las Vegas in the summer league, Simmons averaged 12 PANDORA YELLOW FLOWERS CRYSTAL BEAD CHARM FOR SALE 3 points, 7.8 rebounds, 5.5 assists. Simmons received praise from his peers, and received praise from the 76 men and the assistant. He detonated the fans, but also let the other team league executives impressed. “He was really impressive.” “He is bound to make all of his teammates on the 76 team,” said an executive at the eastern side.” A West team scout said: “good physique, outstanding court vision and passing sharp. Which is not liked?” Last week, there was a high level of the opponent’s team raised a question: in order to Simmons, which is worth it? In the past 3 seasons, 76 record of only 47 wins and 199 losses, the general manager was fired, home court attendance fell to the bottom. Because of their presence, NBA is trying to change the current draft system. Now, however, 76 people are in a position that people envy, Emeka Okafor and Noel are promising potential big, Hornby de recovered smoothly and is expected to participate in the pre – season training camp. Talent male Saric next season will appear. Now, they also have Simmons, the height of 6 feet 10, weight 239 pounds of future super star. “I hate them.” “But you can’t deny what they have,” said the general manager of a western team.” Now, 76 people want to build a team around Simmons, in his side to put some pitching, there are also some veteran. And Simmons himself also need to make some changes, such as shooting, he may need to change the original shooting technology, these are the key to the future of his personal and 76 people. Author: Qiao Tete