[NBA] Green: G3 is our own soft eggs see LBJ grow up but do not worship him

Lost third games for the defending champion in high and vigorous spirits is a timely reminder. Warriors “big mouth” green is NUPI team a is 100 percent wimps, any random bullying opponents, he also said never worshipped LeBron James. For Green and the warriors, the last one was a complete defeat. Warriors began to be suppressed opponents, the first quarter behind 20 points, since then the situation has been non, and finally by opponents crazy slaughter 30 points NEW ARRIVAL NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE PRO “GUCCI” BLACK/GYM RED-METALLIC GOLD FOR SALE And James positive contest, green also falls completely in the wind, he in 36 minutes and 2 of 8 shots, only got 6 points, and James cut 32 points and 11 rebounds, offensive and defensive ends are eye-catching performance. “On the offensive side, I need to be more positive and consume more of Lebron’s energy. The last game, I didn’t do it, not active, not aggressive, next, I want to play more aggressive.” Green review saying that he said next to better constrain the James, “a, he played a a very good game, we do not expect every field are completely restricted to him, he will certainly play a good game. That’s why he is his reason, but we can do a better job for him, and we will do it.” A reporter asked when he was young, whether worship James, Green’s answer is interesting and brief, I watched his ball grew up, but never worship any player.” The third game, warriors coach cole to criticize the team played soft, Green said agree 100 per cent, “I don’t know why we play so soft, if you know, games and no playing like that. But we are so weak that we are being bullied and torn, and you can use any word to describe it. That’s the way it is, and that’s why it’s the game.” Author: Zhang Qiang


[NBA] expert: the Curitiba criticism should not be too gentle by more stringent treatment Huangsuo James

Stephen curry in before the finals three games is only averaging 16 points, in the history of the first regular season unanimously MVP also suffer an unprecedented challenge. CBS sports senior expert Ken Berg in the column pointed out that the library suffered criticism is completely should, and compared to the year LeBron, curry by treatment or too “gentle”. Compile the following text: imagine if LeBron in a finals before 7 throws the ball 6, a whole like sleepwalking, when he scored the second goal when the team was behind by 19 points, and the game has been a quarter and a half time will happen. Think if his team lost 30 points in the finals, he will lead to how harsh criticism, I am afraid he had won the champion and MVP are unable to stop him from being flooded. Curry? He has not yet met the parade, but he should get that kind of treatment. Curry is now two MVP awards, and he in the poor performance of the G3 once let Cole will have to replace him next, he encourage. In the finals, curry played nothing like MVP. Curry, although his game is the team to victory in the, “rather than in order to achieve the kind of look forward to”, but when he was two years in a row won the award, in the finals beat LeBron, he is to bear the responsibility, but also to meet the expectations, even if it’s not fair AIR JORDAN 30 XXX “COSMOS” 2016 AUTHENTIC LeBron has always been so, no matter what he does, will be outside review evaluation, he must bite Kangzhu pressure. Courier and haven’t been able to do in the score still affect the game, the last finals MVP is Andre Iguodala, curry in the entire series of Saili are not warriors play the best player. The game is the strength of the competition, but also against Lebron and curry. They are both exciting and we expect them to enter the game of the hero. Curry said: “I know that G4 is the key, I have a sense of urgency, I will be ready for.” He also denied that had been affected by the impact of the play, but the situation seems to be the case. Knight with physical confrontation to the library a lot of trouble, even Greene said Knight like in Figure advantage “bullying” curry. “I want to pay more attention to seize the opportunity to fight for the referee to question. But I can’t always care about the referee’s blow, they will allow a certain degree of confrontation.” Curry said. On the other hand, the knight’s MVP scored 32 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists in the G3 data, he maintained an active degree, but also in an effort to defeat the question. Now, curry has a taste of this, the outside world should not be with the requirements of the standard of Lebron asked him? Is he worth it? This is worth our discussion, and the next two of them in the final performance will also give the answer to this question. Author: Kewell

[NBA] the Lakers before the season finale of negative three points Sun Yi paratelum + send blocks

October 22nd report: Losangeles Lakers to end the season with a losing streak. Although Russell scored 17 points, but Aaron had 16 points and 9 rebounds, Warren had 15 points and 8 rebounds, Feinikesi suns played small climax to re lead late in the third quarter, missed the opportunity to Randall before the end of two free throws, the Lakers lost to the suns in 94-98. The Lakers suffered a 5 straight losing streak, the Suns made 3 in a row. A combination of 3 points and 3 rebounds. The Suns Aaron had 16 points and 9 rebounds, Warren had 15 points and 8 rebounds, Knight scored 14 points and 5 assists, Booker scored 12 points, Dudley had 11 points, 4 rebounds and 4 steals, Chandler 10 points and 11 rebounds, Bledsoe 2 of 11 get 9 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. The Lakers’ Russell Bryant had 17 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, Randall had 15 points and 8 rebounds, Nancy had 10 points and 9 rebounds, Yang had 8 points and 5 rebounds, Yi Jianlian played 13 minutes and 07 seconds, 3 shots to get 3 points and 3 rebounds in 1. The Lakers’ Mozgov is absent, Zubats starts, Williams and Yang also start together. After the start of Booker quickly find a scoring sensation, he scored 5 points to lead his team to a 12-4 lead. Russell even won the vote with 4 penalty points for the team to stop bleeding, Clarkson hit the jumper, the first section there are 3 minutes and 35 seconds when the Lakers team to 14-18 behind BLUE CONVERSE BRITISH UNION FLAG MID TOPS CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR CANVAS SNEAKERS FOR SALE FWTMF Aaron layup to stabilize the situation, the people hit three points, Black hit 3 points, the Lakers at the end of the first quarter to 1 points behind 24-25. Shortly after the start of the second quarter, Clarkson and Ingram teamed up to 4 points, the Lakers in the 28-27 against over 1 points. The second section is 2 minutes and 5 seconds when Yi Jianlian replaced Black played, a debut a jumper in, grabbed two rebounds in the Lakers score and the Suns bite. 3 minutes before the first half of the League was replaced by Ingram, Williams shortly after the hit, the Lakers to 41-44. After the Lakers hit rate, continuous shooting blacksmith, Dudley hit three points leads to a small climax 7-2 the end of the second quarter, the Suns 51-43 lead with 8 points. Suns Chandler scored 8 points and 7 rebounds in the first half, with Booker and Dudley getting 8 points and 9 points for the Lakers’ Yi Jianlian and 2 for Russell. Yang hit three points, he led the team to 7-2 against the wave to start the third quarter, the Lakers to 50-53. Warren left jumper, Williams and Randall teamed up with 4 points, only 1 points behind the lakers. Bledsoe throws three balls, Booker scored a breakthrough, leading the team to stabilize the situation in the sun. Juan Huertas bench two singles success, he played the 7-0 against the wave, the third section there are 2 minutes and 25 seconds when the Lakers ahead 68-66. Knight and Aaron offensive force, they teamed up to get 11 points, the team at the end of the three 77-72 lead with 5 points. The Lakers start with 5-1’s counter wave in fourth quarter, they are only 1 points behind. Barbosa played offensive role, he scored 6 points to lead the team to respond quickly to 9 points opened the score. The fourth section there are 7 minutes and 27 seconds again when Yi Jianlian came off the bench, soon received defensive foul, after a three fall, but Russell and Randall find offensive feeling, they teamed up to get 13 points, the team made 13-2 counterattack climax, the Lakers to 90-91. The Suns suspended after the Dudley top three hits, a right-wing response to a three points, the Lakers bite the score. Russell made a mistake ruined chance to overtake, Bledsoe’s two free throws, Russell made two free throws, fourth section there are 1 minutes and 10 seconds when the Lakers team to 94-96 behind. Bledsoe’s two missed shots, the Lakers hold the ball, they left in the fourth quarter to 26.9 seconds when the time-out request is then changed again ah lian. Randall caused Chandler foul, but he missed two free throws, rebounds, the request to suspend. Russell foul tactics, Warren two free throws, the team leading 4 points, Russell left three points not, the Lakers lost to 94-98. The starting lineup: Warren, Dudley Booker, Bledsoe, Chandler, the Lakers’ starting lineup: Russell, Williams, Yang, Randall, father Bartz Author: Xiao Liu

[NBA]8 error! Thunder king also occupied Zezheng?

Beijing time on May 19th, the thunder defeated to the warriors in the 91-118 away, the total score is level 1-1. Kevin Durant 18 voted 11 to 29 points, six rebounds, although the rate has improved his shooting percentage, but the audience appeared eight turnovers or anti very uncomfortable. When the third quarter he blocked the attack again and again, and even lost his cool, was blown a technical foul. The thunder in the first strong win, Adu missed the 20 ball, but still in the most critical moment hit the winning vote. Warriors today will undoubtedly play a stronger oppression of defense, Adu and Robertson began a series of mistakes, was hit a wave of 6-0. In 8 minutes and 43 seconds, Adu finally hit the break back in the library after Green steals, face layup, also made a foul. His ball attack still siege, Andre Iguodala consecutive steals him twice, but in 6 minutes 01 seconds or back after playing difficult turn throw shots. Curry and Green found three broke up, the thunder chase points difficult. Adu at the end of the section to return to the field, in 08 minutes and 2 seconds and made Iguodala foul, he scored 5 in the first quarter 7 points, thunder team scored only 20 points. Festival Adu to take off the bench, he in 10 minutes and 13 seconds to grab the front plate Bulan, subsequently holding breakthrough Livingston single plates, easy layup. But in 55 minutes and 8 seconds, his passing was Barbosa cut off, this is his fifth mistake. In Weiss after the game, Adu’s attack is also shared, in 37 minutes and 8 seconds, when he was in the room, immediately received a Weiss pass into three points. In the next round they just fell on repeat the stock tricks, Adu hit three points off. 7 minutes and 03 seconds, Adu grabbed the rebound after Adams and then roll into dry Stubbs, with only 1 points behind the thunder. 4 minutes and 35 seconds, Adu on the cover of creating space without the ball, the ball that is put into it. In the first half he 13 shots in 9 scored 23 points, bloom brothers add up to score more than, but Durant or because the team did not give yourself enough to pass and anger, in a fast break he because winters, not to give him the ball and anger sprayed two f prefix foul language. However, the effect of thunder defense or let them at the end of the second and third quarter was hit a wave of 10-0 climax, Adu in the 9 quarter of third minutes and 49 seconds was also blown offensive foul. He doesn’t get a mobile phone, in 6 minutes and 44 seconds was curry steals. Then he outside the three-point line for curry foul NEW ARRIVAL CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN ALTI SPIKES 160MM PUMPS NATURAL/GOLD He was very angry and can argue with the referee, also was blowing up a technical foul, all of a sudden gave curry four free throws. In 5 minutes and 53 seconds, Adu was boggarts steals, a man took the opportunity to curry and chopped 15 points, hit thunder directly. This day Adu only scored 4 points, 17 points and curitiba. After the start of the distal and Adu in 10 minutes, 38 seconds sudden strong still do not enter, and Andre Iguodala, Aizelilian attack succeeded, and the differential opened to 29 points. Thunder chase points hopeless, Donovan also did not let Adu and Weiss continue to play how long, less than half of the two will not be replaced, announced the surrender in advance. Author: Kewell

[NBA] key 2 warriors killed 150 million ball makes not scoring as long as the winning play Conley

January 7th: the Grizzlies win 128-119 overtime victory over the warriors to avoid 3 game losing streak, Mike Conley played 41 minutes, 19 for 27 points and 4 rebounds, 12 assists and 1 steals in 10, this is not a dazzling statistics, with his $150 million contract is almost the biggest meaning, in the game a lot of commentary worth with Conley ridicule, but this game is the most in the Grizzlies trailed by 24 points counter attack, this is the most exciting wave may reverse climax in recent seasons, Conley scored two goals in the very valuable. The first ball is the conventional time hit the last 20 seconds, Durant missed three points, Daniels rebounds, the Grizzlies 109-111 behind, need someone to stand up before the Grizzlies are playing inside, Randolph, little Gasol wants to play on the hammer, the success rate, continue to give the ball to the Twin Towers is a good choice. But back in the game, no Conley got the ball to the inside of the meaning, he chose to play the ball himself. A goal is scored on Conley also 7 minutes 26 seconds before the end of three hits, he has been a long time without scoring, not even shot. Is it wise to stand up and take responsibility at this time? Start from the top of the arc Conley dribble breakthrough, he wanted to go to the left side of the basket to kill, who knows the moving foot suddenly shot, he did not hesitate to pull up a jump shot, the ball crashed into the net as a grizzly. The warriors last attack in curry and Allen Conley double defense under the ultra far three points in overtime to Memphis or Randolph and little Gasol continue to abuse baskets. Although the warriors take these two people have no way, but they can still hit the score through a constant outside line. Fight to overtime 1 minutes and 13 seconds from the end of three, Green hit the key points, the warriors only 119-122 behind, as long as the guard next round has a chance to tie. Randolph energy has reached its limit, Gasol had not shot, can bear another Conley, him for 55.1 seconds again distance shooting, will be opened to the poor 5. 1 minutes, 5 points, the momentum completely in this side of Memphis, curry layup after the warriors completely collapsed. The distal critical moment to extra time, Conley hit the two ball, but the other two balls a save Memphis, a completely killed the warrior REEBOK ZIG FUEL MENS WHITE GREEN BLACK ONLINE A review of the audience, Conley also sent 12 assists, to be good at sharing the ball for the Warriors also 23 assists, so now to recall the beginning of the problem, the league’s 150 million Grizzlies to Conley high paying, worth it? Author: John

[NBA] reasonable version of Weiss to come!

Beijing time in May 13th, thunder at home 113-99 victory over the Spurs to 4-2 big score to qualify for the Western Conference finals. Russell – Wesbrook 21 throw in 10 scored 28 points and 12 assists, the key moment in the distal cut even 7 points, filling a large heart color. Wes a match again played at both ends of the offensive and defensive dominance and scored 35 points, 11 assists and nine rebounds data, and finally hit the key 2 + 1 led the team in the away win MEN NIKE AIR MAX 87 RUNNING SHOE 234 Back home, the Spurs remain fully strangling thunder offensive rhythm, the first section played thunder for two and a half minutes without scoring, Davis also was Parker steals a until 9 minutes and 30 seconds before he finally by layup. In 8 minutes and 27 seconds and he scored a few double jump stop, even 8 hours. The feel of Adu is still not good, Weiss has assists Ibaka and Robson scored, in 3 minutes and 46 seconds strong hit CIC, three minutes and 19 seconds and in the rush emergency stop jump shot. In the first quarter, 15 points from Weiss’s shooting or assists in the first 17 points. Section 9 minutes and 32 seconds Davis playing again, Adams and Kanter are present, no doubt to the wes operation opportunity, indeed as expected in 8 minutes 09 seconds, he assists Adams in the basket empty cut score, thunder to expand the lead to 10 points. In 4 minutes and 34 seconds, Weiss in the simple cover, see Robertson in the space immediately to pass, and then three points. ADU attack threat, Wes positional warfare is called perfect. In 2 minutes and 43 seconds he and serge Ibaka pick, see the weak side of Adams, and he quickly lob to Adams, ground to air dunks score. And in the next round, Wes dribble just outside pull, unexpectedly dropped into third, thunder in one fell swoop the leading widened to 18 points. And the section of the thunder and played the climax of the climax to continue to expand the score, Weiss 9 cast 5 in 13 points to 6 points, assists, playing cool and reasonable, the Spurs defense completely ineffective against him. After the start of the second half, Weiss in 9 minutes and 41 seconds scored CIC, 8 minutes and 58 seconds and the basket in time for the Ibaka pass to hit into 2 + 1. Robertson, Adams’s confidence and enthusiasm, Weiss naturally can play more easily. When Weiss was 4 minutes and 29 seconds for three points in the round, the thunder grabbed two offensive boards, eventually Adams buckle succeeded. After 3 minutes and 51 seconds, Wes again played a key play, first assists, Kanter scored layup, then its off Bulan, in 2 minutes and 59 seconds he and Kanter with it in the basket shooting, and in 2 minutes and 24 seconds, Wes after the break easily distributed to the corner of Robson to hit the three record three points. Weiss of the three sections get 19 points and 11 assists and distal 9 minutes 18 seconds him to play, in the Spurs to chase nearly the score, he in 6 minutes and 50 seconds in a timely manner steals Leonard, gave Adu rush scored 2 + 1 chance. But then he was even tapping into, in 4 points and 17 seconds is green off the ball, and in 3 minutes and 45 seconds, he in defensive green of face slapping action also sentenced to the level of malicious foul. In this time losing your mind is too dangerous, fortunately, in 3 minutes and 06 seconds. He stole the key rebound to start a fast break, assists KD is cruel buckle procurable, in 2 minutes and 25 seconds, he in facing the outside, Ginobili dry pull big heart hit three points, and in 1 minute and 45 seconds, he suddenly basket layup; 1 minutes and 14 seconds, Weiss and easily break Miller, breath even seven points, once again, the advantage to expand to 16 points, the game has completely ended. Author: Kewell

[NBA] is the strongest in history? 2 will go if the fear of collapse

The NBA playoffs continue, knight in the Eastern Conference finals sixth victory in the finals of the Raptors, 4-2. A regular season and the playoffs two best record Raptors have been eliminated, but for them, this year’s brilliant difficult to reproduce, the strong team probably will in the summer fall apart. Toronto for three consecutive years behind breaking history best regular season record, from 48 wins to 49 wins, 56 wins this year, the final freeze frame in the eastern part of the second; and the only 21 years old team previously best playoff record is only the 2000-01 season to stop the Eastern Conference semifinals. This year the Raptors for two consecutive tiebreak Lectra walking and heat reached the Eastern Conference finals, has created a new history, and swept the two knights in the face of, has broken the other unbeaten Jinshen. From the beginning of the season expectations, the Raptors have no regret. This season 4 years 60 million Raptors signed Carol, 4 years 30 million sign Joseph, two people to compare the performance of the general. But low wage Taobao Scola and billon Bo respectively during the regular season and playoffs show edge, also the second round show Norman – Powell showed the excellent potential, Lori and DeMar Derozan backcourt although ups and downs, but field were 44.7 firepower is Raptors dependent key, especially Lori, has been among the league’s top defensive ranks, is worthy of the East starting all star point guard NIKE KYRIE 2 DUKE PE FOR SALE But now placed in front of them is general team needs to encounter the trouble: Derozan season player option 950 million, 300 million billon Bo player option, two of them now worth already far beyond these will opt out of his contract. In addition, 3 million of Scola and 2 million 500 thousand of Johnson James will also expire. After two people just regular rotation, but before the two is absolutely the mainstay of the Toronto this year, if the lack of one of them, I’m afraid the Raptors only mediocre. Summer NBA salary cap will be increased to near 90 million. However, if two people out, the Raptors of the existing players total salary has reached the 70 million. DeMar Derozan has long been rumors about the possible team offering top salary, his top salary contract will reach 25 million, in pursuit of his seems to be the Lakers so big market teams, in front of the same price. Derozan is more likely to choose to go to the big cities as the core, rather than in the Lori side as an assistant. And choose to test the water a year than Bo broad contract, it. It is reported that even if you can not get more than 20 million of the top salary, 17 million also can not run away. Considering the Bi Yongbo only in the Toronto Raptors played a year, the team does not have the terms of his bird, cannot exceed the salary cap signing, and next year started Waland Nath 4 year 64 million contract will come into effect, the presence of two and cannot coexist, Bo billon away should be a foregone conclusion. Derozan and billon Bo left at least one, and unluckily Toronto remote and high taxes let them very difficult to recruit to big free agent, premium throwing money can only sign Carroll and Joseph this two or three line players, the Raptors in this season’s wonderful may only ephemeral current season, the other team in a significant increase in salary cap expanded lineup, the Raptors may fall again the mundane world, unable to reproduce the eastern part of the performance of the second the. Author: Li more