[NBA] Cole: the spirit of Alsager in return for carpal Pachulia contusion

December 16th report: Beijing time today, 65 year old TNT famous live reporter color loaded man Alsager died due to leukemia, which also makes the warriors coach Cole very sad. In the past Cole TNT as the narrator, and Sagar had worked together for 8 years, to know him well NIKE AIR JORDAN 3 MENS WOOLLEN BLANKET BLACK GRAY RED SHOES 割引販売 “I know, with so many people, few people can like Alsager, he has this level of spirit and energy, he is a very happy person, we spent a lot of time together, not a good day today,” Cole said. Alsager is a reporter in the Senate, have very good popularity in the NBA, players, coaches have great respect for him. Over the past few years, he has been struggling with leukemia, repeated multiple bone marrow transplant, eventually, he left the NBA arena. In today’s game against Nicks before Cole, the team also published on Alsager’s speech at the central site, a tribute to Alsager and his love for his fans ebullience. “We lost him and we lost maybe more than we do,” Cole said. After many warriors organized as Sagar cheer activities, for example, to see the game fans release the T-shirt, and Cole is also the name of color tie, to commemorate the “color with male”. In addition, today’s game against Nicks or Pachulia did not return, because he has the right wrist injury sidelined 4 consecutive games. On Thursday he underwent an MRI scan, bone contusion was confirmed, Cole said the situation is now Pachulia observed daily. Author: Qiao Tete