[NBA] expert: the Curitiba criticism should not be too gentle by more stringent treatment Huangsuo James

Stephen curry in before the finals three games is only averaging 16 points, in the history of the first regular season unanimously MVP also suffer an unprecedented challenge. CBS sports senior expert Ken Berg in the column pointed out that the library suffered criticism is completely should, and compared to the year LeBron, curry by treatment or too “gentle”. Compile the following text: imagine if LeBron in a finals before 7 throws the ball 6, a whole like sleepwalking, when he scored the second goal when the team was behind by 19 points, and the game has been a quarter and a half time will happen. Think if his team lost 30 points in the finals, he will lead to how harsh criticism, I am afraid he had won the champion and MVP are unable to stop him from being flooded. Curry? He has not yet met the parade, but he should get that kind of treatment. Curry is now two MVP awards, and he in the poor performance of the G3 once let Cole will have to replace him next, he encourage. In the finals, curry played nothing like MVP. Curry, although his game is the team to victory in the, “rather than in order to achieve the kind of look forward to”, but when he was two years in a row won the award, in the finals beat LeBron, he is to bear the responsibility, but also to meet the expectations, even if it’s not fair. LeBron has always been so, no matter what he does, will be outside review evaluation, he must bite Kangzhu pressure PUMA X RIHANNA CREEPER VINTAGE CAMO BROWN WOMEN/MEN Courier and haven’t been able to do in the score still affect the game, the last finals MVP is Andre Iguodala, curry in the entire series of Saili are not warriors play the best player. The game is the strength of the competition, but also against Lebron and curry. They are both exciting and we expect them to enter the game of the hero. Curry said: “I know that G4 is the key, I have a sense of urgency, I will be ready for.” He also denied that had been affected by the impact of the play, but the situation seems to be the case. Knight with physical confrontation to the library a lot of trouble, even Greene said Knight like in Figure advantage “bullying” curry. “I want to pay more attention to seize the opportunity to fight for the referee to question. But I can’t always care about the referee’s blow, they will allow a certain degree of confrontation.” Curry said. On the other hand, the knight’s MVP scored 32 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists in the G3 data, he maintained an active degree, but also in an effort to defeat the question. Now, curry has a taste of this, the outside world should not be with the requirements of the standard of Lebron asked him? Is he worth it? This is worth our discussion, and the next two of them in the final performance will also give the answer to this question. Author: Kewell