[NBA] Adu: Thank NFL legend help green army recruiting I almost said by him

In order to chase Kevin Durant and Celtic in the summer can be described as the all over skill, not only the management and players are dispatched, was also invited to the NFL legend, Boston sports sign character Tom Brody and Kevin Durant meet. Although Durant eventually joined the warriors, but he is still with the football legend to meet the legendary characters ホット販売 GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI WOMENS FLAT SANDALS BLACK LEATHER TEXTILE FIBERS Recently, in an interview, he said: “I really would have agreed to say that let’s come together. I am honored to meet such a successful superstar, a football ambassador. But at the same time, I also cannot be excitement become dizzy with success.” Of course, in addition to Brody, the Celtics are still a very attractive team. Adu said: “I appreciate their style of play, but also appreciate their coach. I think their personnel level is very good.” “Brody’s appearance is really very effective, very convincing.” Celtic boss gross Baker said, “he can to (ADU) show how in Boston to play, how to win in Boston, he wore the green jersey will look good, the city is also very suitable for his family life. According to my memory, Tom is our representative figure, he led us into the meeting room to meet with Adu. He walked in the front, and Kevin said: “God, this is too heavy.” “Tom has helped us a lot and we are very grateful to him for what he is willing to take the time to do for the Celtics.” Groesbeck said. Brody is the team’s president, Danny – Anji’s attention, he said: “we want more people to recruit, Tom just have time, I contacted him. He considered a day after that, he had only seen one with KD before, and I told him that KD was a big fan of his.” The Celtics young RJ- Hunter also revealed that the players for Brody to help amazed. “I don’t know much about that meeting, but the players think it’s crazy that Tom can come. They are all in the hair (with Brody) of the photo, I’m so jealous, I also want a photo. In Western dress and leather shoes, (Brody) is really cool, if I have a good Instagram.” Author: Kewell