[NBA] and Loew left knee injury! Now swelling: 2 Milwaukee Lu + stiff or truce

December 20th report: this season, the Cavaliers Loew excellent performance, but also stable, but recently, Loew suffered some injuries, he will be a game tomorrow with the bucks. Cavaliers tomorrow away against the Bucks, Loew’s left knee is very stiff, and swelling, so he will not play this game. Moreover, Knight coach Lou also said that the Cavaliers on Thursday at home to the Bucks another game Loew can not play is also an unknown. Loew is injured his knee and beat the Lakers on Sunday’s game, when he and a small Nantes collision. Nevertheless, he insisted on taking this injury operation, eventually scored 27 points, as well as the season’s new rebound of 17. But because of knee problems, he can not participate in today’s team training. “His knee was pounding and his knee was pounding against his knee, now swollen and stiff,” Lu said. This season, Loew averaged 22 DISCOUNT PUMA FENTY BY RIHANNA SUEDE CREEPERS GREY WIDCEF 3 points, 10.7 rebounds, and 1.1 steals, this is his occupation career high. Moreover, his shooting rate is 46.8%, the shooting rate of three points is 41.2%, these are the highest since the 2010-11 season, his personal highest performance. The Cavaliers played 25 games, Loew played 24 games last week, he sat out a game, but it was Lu to the holiday, let Lebron, Irwin, Loew together with the truce against the Grizzlies, Loew is not injured. This also sparked controversy. Currently Knight record is 19 wins and 6 losses, still ranked east of the position of first. Author: Qiao Tete