[NBA] Irwin: looking forward to the PK all star guard Lori

Raptors today and the heat staged the tiebreak, final Raptors beat the heat, 4-3 to qualify for the Eastern Conference finals, for the opponent, Knight here also do a good job in the buckled down to prepare. LeBron said, when he saw the Raptors to determine the victory, he would allow himself to break from the recent state of relaxation from re entering a state of a nervous preparing for the. “We will all personnel of the Raptors, they have excelled in what aspects of research,” LeBron said, “this season they chased the US throughout the year (refers to compete for the eastern part of the position of the 1).” In the 3 regular season against the Raptors, had two times to beat the cavaliers. “We’re not the same as the regular season,” Lebron said. This round of dialogue, the two point guard Lori and Irwin’s clash will be the focus. He also said he would welcome such a challenge. “Could face another top point guard, against our coalition of an all star player, which is always a great thing,” Irwin said, “I must do a good job on the defensive end, always let his body position to maintain in front of him. Let him play hard, forcing him to do those difficult shots. He’s a great player, so I’m looking forward to this.” The knight, a key point is probably try not to let the line of the stars on the raptors. In the last 2 games against the heat, Lori received a total of 21 penalty opportunities. DeRozan’s 14 goals in the last 2 games. “This is very important,” said the knight, the coach, who said, “no foul play against them. Lori is a good shot with the fake cheat you foul players, as well as Deluozan FOR SALE PANDORA SILVER LOVEHEART CLIP CHARM 791037 So we have to get these guys to score in a game, not a free throw.” Author: Qiao Tete