The two round of the 16 [NBA] show cut the first 3 planes of deer “low Taobao king” reputation

January 1st: the NBA regular season continues, the Bucks beat the bulls, the Bucks rookie cloth Luogedun scored 15 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists, becoming the first rookie to win three double player. Blo Ghedeon is the thirty-sixth round of the Bucks this season. The rookie from the University of Virginia has an excellent arm and a terrible physical quality. This season he gradually got Kidd’s favorite, playing time more and more. From the last game, but also into the starting lineup. This season Blo Ghedeon in Cleveland game has completed Lebron and Irwin, buckle, the two note dunks are selected for the top ten ball, allowing him to instant fame. Before the games, cloth Luogedun averaged 8 points, 2.2 rebounds and 3.4 assists, with 22 2016 AIR JORDANS 4 RETRO PREMIUM “BLACK” BLACK/BLACK-SAIL AUTHENTIC 4 minutes of playing time can be ranked in the forefront of the rookie. The use of Kidd’s talent is not sticking to formalities normal, Luogedun cloth but also on their excellent play, return the trust of the coach. The first half of his performance is quite satisfactory, but at the start of the third day, the physical quality of cloth Luogedun fierce glance, he single scored 6 points, but are restricted to complete the attack. Back face height more than their 12 cm center Ferrie Theo, cloth Luogedun direct selection of single hand split button! The next round, he in three bulls frontcourt players back anti, basically unchanged under the direct to complete layup. He scored 6 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists in a single game, and is already a quasi – double of three. But this is not enough, in the fourth quarter cloth Luogedun mad kill is still restricted, and continuously to teammates sent pass. Shot several times the letters also benefited from his brother to kill. The final stage of the fourth section, he sent three assists, let the game took game adds a new aspect: the audience he played 39 minutes, 13 throw in 7 scored 15 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists, played rookie this season in the first three double. The past few years in the two round is extremely good at Taobao: Reed, Sessi, Bamotejun ilyasova, they selected the second round of the show, and Mo Williams and Middleton in the two round of ranking show is growing up in milwaukee. This year the first round of Merkel underperforming, but Luogedun cloth is definitely a surprise. Rookie team is almost in the bag, and the young bucks in the army, he has more broad prospects for further training, waiting for Kidd. Author: Li more