[NBA] rose bloom! Ross overtaking even 2 people ignore the bag clip his hands violently buckle

December 31st: Beijing time on December 31st, New York Nicks away to the New Orleans pelicans team. Ross’s performance in this game is excellent: to the second game, Nicks 44-48 lags behind, Ross on the left side of 45 degrees and a ball, Anthony pick, Ross directly through Holliday and Corelle’s defense, went straight to the basket, ignore about over the bag, and fill the eyebrows come from the area of defense. Direct jump, hands the ball down into the basket. From the picture can be seen in Ross to break through the basket, the other four are not Nicks’s team at the three point, and the pelican 5 per capita contraction planted under the basket, in this case, Ross still staged a spectacular dunk is rare. Author: 163