[NBA] little Walton: the first task is to help warriors win

Although Luke Walton early have been identified in 2016-17 season as a Laker’s new boss, but he is also very clear, their present identity or warriors assistant, recently in an interview. He talked about the related topics. Walton bluntly, the moment he will choose to ignore the Lakers, his first task is to help the warriors won the championship this season. In fact, this season more than the Lakers team interested in Wharton, there is news that the Knicks president Phil – Jackson also intends to hire Wharton as a coach, but eventually Wharton chose the purple army. Recently, a reporter asked, why make such a choice, Walton bluntly, this is an easy decision to make. “It’s an easy decision to make.” Walton said in an interview with the New York post. At present, the playoffs in the Western Conference finals, the Jinzhou warriors on the cliff edge, and finally the total score of 3 to 3 square. For this Walton frankly, at this stage he will not pay attention to the things of the Lakers, his first task is to help warriors win, and respect this is a special opportunity. “We try to win the Championship here, this is a special opportunity, I really put my body into the heart of the warriors, and to help the warriors won the championship is their primary task.” Walton said. Mid to late April, the Lakers announced that parting ways with former coach Byron Scott, the purple army began to the selection of the new coach. In this process, Nicks President Jackson Phil also involved, to Walton out the olive branch NIKE AIR MAX THEA WOMENS BLACK GREEN? But in the end, Walton did not hesitate to choose to pick up the Grand Army of the pointer. After that, Nicks hired Hornacek Geoff as the new manager. In an interview with reporters, Walton refused to talk about any of the Lakers or Jackson – Phil on his interview with the topic, because these topics are not related to the warriors. Author: Mu Zili