[NBA] is too funny than Nick Young! Throw fake no defense also shake?

December 15th: Beijing time on December 15th, the Lakers against the nets on the road. Nick Young made a joke in the game and made a low-level mistake on the free throw line. At that time, Yang has fined a ball, but do not know why when he sent second hesitated, already holding the ball up, but immediately back to do a fake huang. The referee blew his free throw violation, the Lakers and the nets forward requirements. In the free throw line and no opponent, Yang also do not know who want to cheat with fake action. His brain “fragments” also let the United States explain laughing, said “never seen anyone so foul”, all the Lakers reporter is also a bear to look like. The results of Mozgov and Lopez jump back basket ball, Yang did not get a second chance to heavy penalties NIKE KYRIE 1 ALL STAR AUTHENTIC Author: NIC