[NBA] people really don’t understand! 1 brother dead? Positive and negative pressure KD library to dominate the entire alliance

December 3rd: in the last century in 90s, the bull is the idol of many children warriors sixth team, Iguodala is no exception, but different with friends is that he was playing the pippen. Now, this is Iguodala’s thirteenth season in NBA, he further interpreted the no strong offensive data, as can be worth the infinite. Although he is averaging only 5.8 points, go to their own occupation career and single season low, as low as there are 3 to the three point hit rate, 5 free throws, but his presence score of positive and negative values reached +8.6, ranking first in the league this season, all from the battlefield on the 10 the player NIKE KOBE 9 LOW EM XDR RED BLACK FOR SALE ONLINE FREE SHIPPING In addition, Iguodala sent a total of 71 assists, 19 steals and turnovers only 12 times, in assist to turnover ratio, he is also first in the league, and steals the mistakes than he ranked thirteenth. “Iguodala is a player that we are not very good at,” said the warrior coach Cole. “He didn’t bomb the data, but he was a good basketball player.” “I feel pretty good,” Iguodala said, although these years he had back, knees, tendons and other small injuries, “especially in the past two weeks, returning from the eastern part of the trip, I have found their own state.” This summer, Durant joined the warriors, which also allows the warriors all players have experienced the role of the adjustment, including Iguodala. Cole took over the warriors, Iguodala comes from the start into a bench, he made a very good adjustment. Now, he experienced the change of the role again, the past few seasons, Cole will let Iguodala and Livingston free in second lineup, but now, Cole always makes his three big points (curry, Thompson, Durant) two people on the court. “He’s very able to understand,” said Cole. “Iguodala is such a clever player. He let us calm down on the offensive side, we are so looking at him for us to make a smart decision.” Author: Qiao Tete