[NBA] Barkley: Jordan can not tolerate criticism with MJ does not apologize for alienating

As everyone knows, Charles reports: December 24th – because Barkley openly criticized Michael Jordan management team level, resulting in a sudden turn for the worse the relationship between two people. Although their relationship eased down, but according to Barkley revealed that his friendship with Jordan will not return to the former appearance. Barkley recently said in an interview: “I love the same as the brothers love this guy, although we did not have a friend for some time, but this is nothing, we just have a small friction. He is very kind to me and I think he is good to him, but since I criticized his business, our relationship is different……” “But I still love and respect him, we meet and shake hands, say hello, nothing else.” He said. Obviously, Barkley and Jordan only called “a nodding acquaintance with” 2018 AIR JORDAN 7 OLYMPIC “TINKER ALTERNATE” AUTHENTIC But he felt it was no way, and did not regret having offended Jordan. Now people are very thin skinned, I, Kenny, Shaq (both his commentary partner) often receive complaints from players and brokers.” He added, “we’re just doing our job! What do you want me to say? I’m really depressed sometimes.” Barkley had a piece of very famous, he openly criticized Kobe is “selfish”, the Kobe three fire sent him a message, asking why he said that, he got very embarrassed. It seems that Jordan is the same style. “At that time (I criticized Jordan), because the Bobcats (WASP predecessor) is almost the worst team history, I would say Michael should find more people who will work, friends around him too much, and those who are not honest enough for him. Later, he became a big boss, let others operate the team, do a good job.” Barkley said. Author: Kewell