[NBA]32 years old child bee single 17 points 61 points every moment addicted to the night

January 1st: the knight of the 121-109 away victory over the Hornets harvest row, Lebron – James played 35 minutes, 25 12 for 32 points and 6 rebounds, 9 assists and 1 steals, only the first section of Lebron scored 17 points and 4 assists, after shooting down, still firmly in control of the situation led. Just over 32 years old birthday, 2017 is coming, is a good beginning of a victory over Lebron and his knights are well prepared to go on the road. Today the opening game Lebron assists Loew layup, then steals zele counter hit, yesterday is the birthday of Lebron 32, the past year round Cleveland Lebron bitter champion dream for 52 years, can be described as honorary life sized TOP DEALS GIRLS AIR JORDAN 6 LOW “EMINEM” BLUE BLACK/GREY FOR SALE Even Lebron himself said it was the best year of his life. But this year is not his occupation career end point, JR- Smith, Irwin continuous wounded Knight also need to move on with him. Wasp is Lebron love rival, a Hornets in December 10th last year, he firepower off season high 44 points, 9 rebounds and 10 assists, in Miami 2 years ago, Lebron is also a career high 61 points against New Orleans got, so today the first day he firepower, in addition to 9 points 46 seconds a CIC missed, Lebron or break the basket or three pointer hit consecutive. The wasp is Lebron hit a phobia, known as the defense expert Makigi by Lebron rush did not dare step near, there are 2 minutes and 20 seconds to the end of the first quarter jumper, Lebron single 7 throw in 6 scored 17 points, and 4 assists to help the knight 35-28 lead. Remember last season G7 finals, Lebron first played well, but tyronn Lue is still not satisfied, he growled at Lebron, forced Lebron in the body after the last bit of energy, tyronn Lue about that argument when he said: “to X, he is to bring us all back in the body then, take us home.” Now the situation is very different from the original, after all, this is just an ordinary regular season. Can the lack of Irwin, JR- Smith two big firepower, Lebron must make more contribution. In order to make up for the defects of insufficient staff rotation, the knight under the NBDL’s Rumsfeld also recalled, but who knows only Lebron played better, knights had a better chance to win. Lebron made a good start, rush, Loew Thompson, including Mccrea, Rumsfeld are slowly into the second section, and the second half back Lebron will focus more on the offense, Loew took him the ball hit consecutive three points in the final 10 seconds of the first half succeeded Mccrea from Lebron assists, easy side battles Knight will be worse bigger, but when his teammates feel hot, not Lebron iron. The distal open the first three points in the third quarter of a blacksmith, three did not change, then play the basket, and Williams large cap to wait, take a few minutes to back Lebron feel no improvement, continuous missed two shots after the jump is Maijiji capping, the last 3 minutes of Lebron to hand back the ball two hit, at two points difference is still 15 points, the final outcome has no suspense, Knight 121-109 away victory over the Hornets harvest row, Lebron with his knight has made a good start for the new year 2017. Author: