[NBA] Name: Loew is becoming a scapegoat: he must be auctioned

On June 7 reported: the finals, knights 2-0 down and defeat, the process can not see a glimmer of hope, famous reporter Chris Mannix posting said that if the knight so lost in the finals, then Loew will face is sale. Because in the G2 was Barnes elbow to the back of the head, Loew concussion symptoms, after the game to do not have to attend the press conference, but this does not mean that he was on the issue will disappear. In this series, no more need to prove their belev. At this time last year, he was a spectator, this year, he soon became the object of criticism, especially in the presence of weak defense issues. Although the total final champion of the attack is not entirely due to Loew’s defense, but in this occasion, his weakness was enlarged. And the attack, score, these are the strengths of Loew, and now he can not play out. Hit 21 minutes, 7 cast 2, only get 5 points. In the face of the warriors to defend, Loew quite uncomfortable. In the Eastern Conference’s aggressive, assertive Loew disappeared. “I think some of the things he hurry.” Veteran teammate Jones James said, “he is a multi-dimensional player, he has so many technology, the warriors can not take these all away. I think the warrior is trying to catch him to the sideline, and several times he caved in. But he’ll be back. He will make adjustments, do what we need him to do, that is, to put the ball into the.” However, humiliating defeat needs a scapegoat. And these days Loew’s back has been affixed to such a target. If this offseason Knight needs to make changes, Loew will become a bargaining chip to facilitate their ideal. “If they are eliminated in this way, I can bet that Loew will be auctioned,” says one senior union official.” Currently Loew brain concussion can play G3 or a problem, but he will force a fight, to let himself through the detection of brain concussion, so that he can play, because no one wants to participate in this series NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE “DIRTY COPPER” BLACK/METALLIC COPPER FOR SALE ONLINE “That’s what he dreamed of.” Jones said, and this may be the last battle of Loew. Author: Qiao Tete