The [NBA] data into the strongest champion Zhan Jie Downes queen

Karl Anthony downs, from the Minnesota Timberwolves a year center eventually unanimously lifted the annual rookie of the year trophy, playing a full 82 games, averaging with 18.3 points and 10.4 rebounds and 1.7 blocks, continuous six times elected Western month rookie of the year, the team than last season win 13 games. All of all, just show: This is the only belong to his glory. Whether it is known as the wave of God Pohl Zingis, or tigerishly Emeka Okafor, or sober Jokic, are unable to shake the slightest! Recommended reading: even more frightening is that this is only the beginning! From his first date, you can’t see his limit, perhaps, the sky is the limit for him? All this performance has made people realize that he is almost since Lebron, the rookie season in the most outstanding achievements of the rookie. Data will speak, he is still rapid progress, rapid transformation: the last 31 games, he reached another level, averaging 11.7 points and 21.3 rebounds, shooting up to 55%! He mature terrible, not only can pass, grab rebounds, blocked shots protecting basket, also a steady of CIC, pick skilled, even can be pulled out to vote, three points. In previous years rookie player warp efficiency value comparison, downs can be ranked 12th in the history, the row in front of him are some celebrity, such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Paul, and so on. Although the constable does not rank in the top 12, but, his age is the smallest. If the horizontal comparison with Downs age (20 years old), then his warp efficiency value can be ranked in second place, second only to the 2004 / 05 season LeBron, but when LeBron is a “sophomore”. Behind Downes is Howard, Maddie and Davies his brother. We can cross to let downs and Davis a comparison, both from the prestigious university of Kentucky, but Davis entered the NBA to larger than downs momentum, after all, the year prior to the draft Davis has just won the NCAA national championship. But from a practical point of view, Downes in his rookie season for the forest wolves played all 82 games, and all the first appearance, the field has played for 32 minutes. But Davies has been injuries, rookie season only when the Hornets played 64 games, and field played for 28.8 minutes. And specific to the pitch performance, downs are better at create offensive opportunities, he assisted attack rate of only 68%, and corresponding figures for Davis was 77%. While at the same time, Downes in rookie season voted 88 three pointers, and hit the 30, but Davies in the rookie season sanfenxianwai 6 0 vote. Not only can throw three points, downs or an additional attribute organization inside, he every 36 minutes can for his teammates sent 2.2 assists, but Davies has been to the third season of his career, to reach this level. Clearly, Downes is more versatile. At the same time, according to the authoritative data website, Downes in 16 feet outside the 2 point ball hit rate reached 50.6%, in the League at least 100 times in all players ranked second. He is still a highly efficient low player, each back can get 0.99 points for the team, in at least 400 times in the back of the players tied in twentieth place AIR JORDAN 13 RETRO SQUADRON BLUE FOR SALE He is a higher than average blocks of players, all these have prompted downs will be LeBron after most people look forward to the champion. Author: Zhao Buchuan