[NBA] + Jiujiang rockets Kobe terminator meritorious 1 attack 1 defensive 49-21 reversal wave

January 7th: the warriors home court against the Grizzlies, three day after the warriors 88-69 ahead, before that there were 662 consecutive teams behind 19 points into the distal, all lost the match AUTHENTIC DISCOUNT (AX2969) PANDORA BABY CARRIAGE CHARM UK CLEARANCE The warriors lost to the Lakers, but right back 43 massacre. Before the game, the home team 16 wins and 2 losses, the league’s best. In the first section of the Oracle arena, the warriors leading record 12 wins and 0 losses, the lead in the first half 14 wins and 0 losses, three quarter lead 15 wins and 0 losses, no matter from which perspective, the Grizzlies complete reversal of probability are inferior to look for a needle in the ocean. Great game is often the case, look more impossible, it is worthy of the great two words, Memphis counter attack is two people from the beginning, 11 minutes and 22 seconds to hit three outside Daniels, as he is – Allen Toni sent assists. Daniels is the only last summer Memphis, after he has played for the Rockets, Minnesota, Hornets, 3 years and played only 76 games, the first 13 games of the season, Daniels played only 3 games got a total of 4 points, but after he injured in Conley suddenly got the chance, take the first 4 games 9 to November 30th against Toronto hit 4 of three points to 19 points, the Lakers in December 3rd hit 12 of 23 shots to get 31 points a foothold. Daniels hit the three points after the show has not yet finished, 6 minutes and 34 seconds and 5 minutes and 27 seconds he hit a record of three points. If the theory will vote three points, is naturally a big name for the warriors of the greater fame, but Daniels in the past 6 battlefields were shot at the three points of the 7.8 hit 3.5 goals, the same hit 41.9% of the amazing three. Daniels in the first half without performance, to help paratelum suddenly incarnation of immortality, mighty men are playing a be taken by surprise. The warriors headache and Toni Allen, before the three day Treasury on the offensive end Yuquyuqiu crazy cut, Allen is not a defense of his role, but the distal curry physical decline, Allen still runs around, he is like a piece of plaster and posted in the library on the body, from the moment he began to catch the ball the inexhaustible harassment in early Celtic, Allen with tough defense is now for more than ten years, already a veteran of 35, Allen might not so young a lot of energy, but it can ensure that at the critical moment the ball dropped. The audience down, Allen attacks the low success rate of terrible, only 16 of 5 shots, but he sent 6 steals, and curry, Durant mistakes forced overtime, war to 2 minutes and 22 seconds, Green 2+1 will be reduced to 3 points difference, and steals Daniels, but Allen put the ball away from students back from the hands of Green, let the warriors missed the best opportunity of this tie, then Daniels hit three points, the game finally completely fall into the Memphis control. Not to mention the last 21 seconds, Allen also hit the poor will be opened to the key layup 7 points. So from the distal to win the grizzly 49-21 28 point comeback final 9 points to win, not just rely on Gasol Randolph, Twin Towers, and even the Conley key ball of conventional weapons, and Allen and Daniels two little contribution, the warriors? Their bench only scored 14 points, Daniels would get 12 points, a total of 13 Warriors team steals, Allen had sent 6 steals so crazy tonight, Memphis reversal, is the real example of the basketball team. Author: John