[NBA]’s blockbuster dunk that green army fans regret 6 prisoners lost 23+8 detonation defection

January 7th: 76 people today and the Celtics started a process of confrontation, both sides played is very fierce, we de half scored 17 points, but the second half was in foul trouble, unable to play, the audience finally surrendered 23 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists, but also committed 6 graduates, 76 who lost 106-110. This season, although the record of 76 people is still in the doldrums, but their game is still a bit more interesting, at least the performance is a lot of people’s attention. Today, we could let you down, the first half of the match, he went on the offensive end all accomplishment, easily scored 17 points, especially the one by Amir – Johnson’s dunk, called the most wonderful scene today. The first half, embid Germany scored 17 points, and the incredible is that even if this is the Celtics home court, even the old green army fans, the scene unexpectedly also sounded “believe” cheer. As everyone knows, “believe” was a top 76 general manager Sam – team building philosophy, process designed to encourage 76 fans out patient with reconstruction of the patient to collect all kinds of top rookie, Nebid was also the “process” as his nickname. Obviously, this is a high degree of recognition of the green army fans sent to the United states. However, we de still just a rookie, he also needs to learn in many ways. For example, the control error, the game is not played in the second half, he reached 4 turnovers. In addition, there are too many fouls, there are more than 9 minutes of the game, Nebid has been 5 fouls, which also limits his appearance, limiting his play. Nebid didn’t score much in the second half, but he scored a key. The last 1 minutes and 43 seconds, the scene of intense embid, Germany stood out, he used a dunk to make all the green army fans closed his mouth, and this button also let 76 people only 2 points behind CHEAP KIDS NIKE ZOOM KD 7 FIRE RED BLACK Unfortunately, the last time we de 6 fouls, not with the team fighting to the last, his face is quite depressed. Author: Qiao Tete