The [NBA] brothers under the ruthless hand! Wade key time from the ball rolling play James singled out

December 3rd report: Beijing time in December 3rd, the bulls at home 111-105 victory over the knight. Dwayne – Wade 23 voted 11 scored 24 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, he scored a crucial goal at the end of the fourth quarter, singled out Lebron’s layup is the Bulls morale rose. In the face of good brother Lebron, Wade before the course with him very friendly greeting, especially Yuandufushu Lebron wore a Cubs Jersey, let Wade very happy. He had said in the face of Lebron is definitely not a game of ordinary significance, even friends, his spirit of the fire is burning. At the start he assists Rondo layup, three bulls giant is actively running pass, the offense is very efficient, Wade in 7 minutes and 30 seconds to break off, before long, he in the box and swung open singles opponent, to lose balance situation still layup, with the peak period of “flash” style. Wade in the first quarter of 6 voted 6 to get 3 points, he breaks through the basket at the end of the festival did not get the whistle, also very angry. Wait until the second day, while Wade and Butler together with the bench, but the knight has hit a wave of 6-0 climax, Wade added to the basket on the impact of foul score, Rondo scored on breakthrough, let the Bulls bite opponents. They scored more than second points in the quarter, making some conversions. Wait until the second half, Wade continue to Butler and Gibson sent assists, in 8 minutes and 56 seconds, in order to prevent the Thompson basket, Wade stepped forward with a foul. But did not expect the strength of the opponent is still able to put the ball into the ball, Wade gave opponents the opportunity to 2+1, how many did not face. But he soon found his place, built in Lebron after the foul, he hit three points, the Bulls won a narrow lead, and when he returned to playing in the end of the section, even with a sudden investment to score, increase the lead to 10 points. The fourth day he although the two jumper boring, but in 10 minutes 02 seconds or straight cut basket layup, then steals Lebron, but the Bulls failed to complete the counterattack, Knight also took the opportunity to chase NIKE LEBRON 13 LOW COASTAL BLUE FREE SHIPPING Rondo and Butler to score to stabilize the situation, Wade rest to 3 minutes and 47 seconds to play, he’s still not, but in 2 minutes and 39 seconds, he made key contributions, succeeded in the perimeter singled out Lebron layup, self-evident importance of this ball. In 1 minutes and 58 seconds, Wade grabbed offensive rebounds and shot hit the bull in the defensive end has repeatedly forced Lebron failure. At this time the outcome has been basically decided, in such a strong way to overcome the first in the East, the bull’s confidence will undoubtedly be greatly encouraged. Author: Kewell