[NBA] Popovich “sb” reporter: who is the coach?

Beijing time in May 13th, the Spurs on the road to 99-113 lost to the thunder, the big score 2-4 was eliminated. The Spurs in the first half behind up to 24 minutes, although distal launched a counterattack, to put pressure on the thunder, but ultimately failed to successful comeback. Losing the game is likely to mean the end of Duncan Manu and Ginobili Tim’s basketball career, but no one can give a definite answer MEN PUMA DRIFT CAT SHOES BLACK GOLDEN SILVER DISCOUNT When a reporter asked Popovich, the wave handsome not polite to ask: “why do you say so? Do you know more than I do? He played well, and he did his best, and that’s enough.” And when a reporter asked about Duncan Popovich in the distal whisper what, Popovich said: “Oh, really? What do you want to know about the two of us? No, I won’t tell you.” The Spurs in the second half to let Ginobili first, with a small lineup to grab points, received a good effect. But when a reporter asked why not use the wave handsome earlier this play, the wave handsome say: “you are their coach?” You don’t have to ask for that.” It is to lose Popovich depressed to vent on the media not to know good from bad. In the face of normal questions, the wave handsome or praise the thunder coach Donovan – Billy, and I wish them good luck in the Western Conference finals. After the game, the wave handsome also found in the Spurs have worked for the general manager of thunder Price Siti chat for a while, and smiled and said to him: “you look great.” Also praised the Spurs in the last show of the Spurs in the fight: we have experienced so badly in the first half, but still the score as 0-0 to fight.” “I don’t know what the future will be,” said David Duncan, the Spurs player who knows what the future will be like, “I don’t know,” said David West.” Aldridge also said he wanted Duncan to stay, but he said he would not persuade Duncan: “understand his people know that this is useless, so I will only waste time to do so.” Leonard said: “(Duncan) has been very good to me, to help me grow a lot of.” He also said he knew it might be the last game of Duncan, “so I desperately want to win this game, and I think we will win.” Also said: “the two leaders do very well, and they have to give them the praise they deserve,” said Leonard.” Mr. Parker said: “the thunder team support each other, defending their quality is very high, on the offensive end also scored a lot of goals, became a hit a lot of fast break to fight back, really a lot.” Author: Kewell