[NBA] ball era center is still winning puzzle

Reported on May 30: last season, the warriors won seems to make alliance entered the era of a ball, 90’s four major league center dominated the scene seems to be gone forever, the traditional center in the alliance has been more and more useless Wu to the? Although to such a point of view of the people has always been there, but in 2016 the NBA playoffs we can see, center era may not come back again, but if you want to win a championship, then a good center will be your team is an indispensable part of. From the free player market opening day has been more and more near, there are reports that 76 person team in the summer of this year will be one of the team’s two inside connection player Emeka Okafor and Noel pendulum on the shelf, you know, in addition to the two big men, 76 person of team and a 2014 explore Flower Show en bide. This news caused some people laugh at, these people think 76 person of teams in the past draft like collecting big man inside connection player is ridiculous, even is a step backwards, simply can not keep up with the pace of the modern NBA team. Big players in the NBA have been caught in a dilemma? From the current point of view is still too early. Yes, the Golden State Warriors has in the big score to 3-3 in flat against the thunder of the Western Conference finals, but to know, in the last two games, the Braves gave up their small lineup, let the big guys and more on the pitch, this just let them win two. In the NBA, each team know, have a good low technology center is top heavy. This is why the 76ers, former general manager of the sam – octyl always like to repeatedly in the draft signed sub player. In contrast, eliminated the Spurs, once the force warriors into the despair of the thunder. In addition to the excellent play little Du Weier, center Adams and Kanter play also play to the important role and thunder coach even once the two center at the same time on the court, playing the twin towers tactics. But the traditional center is in the NBA is in an unprecedented vulnerable period, especially in the offensive end, but in the defensive and offensive rebounds, NBA will never be the lack of big players. This point in the season the best squad selection has been more obvious manifestation, into the center for the all NBA first team turned out to be the Clippers small Jordan, to know it but a foul shots in a row. Are often 3 do not touch the blue collar player. And the offensive ability was stronger than in small Jordan Zhuang God Drummond and cousins is only finished in the second and third array. Little Jordan was able to do this, apparently due to his defense and rebounding, in the selection of the best defensive lineup, little Jordan also ranked for a while. Small Jordan may be a good template, as the center of the attack, whether good or bad, as long as you can protect the good side of the basket, you will never be out of date FOR SALE WOMENS NEW BALANCE SHOES 996 M018 Author: Zhao Buchuan